Reviews for 4D Microcurrent Face Massager Roller,Electric Rechargeable Face Lift Roller Arms Legs Massager for Anti Aging Wrinkles Facial Massage

People say Yeamon is really similar to Nuface.


Better than the Nuface!!

I saw results after the first week of use. I have a nuface massager and this cost 3x less and works 3x better. The only reason I didn't give 5s across the board is because the directions don't tell you what settings to use in the different areas.


An amazing device for the price!

After using this facial massager about 5 times, I notice a change in my skin. I incorporated this into my routine (I also bought an eye massager and the PMD Personal Microderm to include into my routine). I suggest not using the device on bare skin because it will zap you. I used a thick facial oil similar to the NuFace primer.


4D microcurrent at one fourth the price

My Nuface died after five months of daily use. So, I was hoping to replace it with something a little more affordable. I read reviews and was worried about the feel of the current. It confirmed what other reviewers were saying; on the lowest setting, it was too painful to use...WITH conductive gel. I tried again the next day on a completely dry face and neck, and voila, no problem. An occasional, mild zap is all I feel when using it. It also has a vibration function which feels fantastic, especially on my sinuses and under eyes. I have had all of my metal fillings replaced and some people said it was too painful to use over teeth with metal fillings. So, if you have metal fillings, you may not be able to use the microcurrent feature over that area of your face. And, isn't that the main feature for users?