Reviews for Bnus corning glass lens sunglasses for men & Women italy made polarized option

People say Bnus is really similar to Oakley.


Corning Glass and Italian Frame for $35!

I do not know how they do it but the quality of materials used relative to the price is amazing! I have a number of different styles from B.N.U.S and all have been great overall but not all were a perfect fit for my wide nose. When I noticed they had this style I figured for that price, why not? Even if you do not like them that much it is not much more expensive than cheap drug store shades we would buy in a pinch. I am so glad I got this style! The bridge of my nose is wider than most glasses of this style would fit. Most ride to high on my face, and have a gap between the bridge of my nose and the bottom of frame bridge. If you have this issue you know what I mean. For that reason I normally get Aviator style with adjustable nose pads/arms. The B.N.U.S aviators are great but I also like the wrap around style lenses, especially in really bright conditions and windy days. So I took the chance and these fit almost perfectly!! I have had the Oakley, Maui-Jim. RayBan...brands over the years. I end up breaking them, losing them... so the solution was I end up with drug store shades with cheap plastic lenses that I would not worry much about. But the cheap plastic lenses never seem quite as clear as glass and if I had them long enough, they always end up distorted from micro-scratching. These shades are perfect for a person like me! Great deal!!! No bull...


Love these glasses

These are such good glasses. I've bought three different pairs. The best price for durable and real glass lenses that are actually polarized. I've gotten a few friends to buy them too and they think they are great. I stopped buying Arnettes and Oakley because these are a way better buy.


Excellent sunglasses

I'd strongly recommend these. I have a normal size head and these sit on top, the frames are nice and tight, and well made. Good optics from the glass and a nice tint behind the blue mirrored sunglasses. Better than $200 Revos or Oakleys. As comfortable as my go-to Maui Jims. For taking a chance I am pleasantly surprised as to the quality of these shades.


Excellent on the Golf Course

Really liked the way these Polarized lenses performed on the golf course. Helped me to read the greens and see the ball in flight as well or better than previously owned high end sunglasses (Oakley). Excellent Value. Can't speak to scratch resistance yet. Fit is snug to very snug.


Very well made, high end! You won’t be disappointed!

I will not be buying ray bands anymore or Oakleys The clarity and quality of these new sunglasses are unbelievable.. I don’t know how they make any money they are a 1/4 of the price of most others! If I lose these I would definitely buy another pair!


Best sunglasses by a long shot.

Things last forever, and don't mar or scratch. I had last pair for 5 years. My Oakleys got scratched after 6 months, so I bought another pair of these. And they are 1/3rd the price.


Lens on these are just what I wanted

I had eye surgery in early 2020 and need darker lens. These are perfect. Dark enough and wide enough to cover peripheral vision. I usually wear Oakley but could not find any I liked. These are just as good as Oakley for 1/3 the cost. Would buy again.


Same as oakley or maui jims

Great sunglasses... will never buy expensive Maui Jims again.


Best glasses I've ever owned

I love the product they're absolutely phenomenal it gets me excited just to put them on it beat the Oakley's I had the Costa Del Mar's I had the Ray-Bans I had I really like these


The Lens makes the difference

My past two pairs of glasses (both from Amazon) were $20 with "plastic" lenses, and I've noticed that they impaired my ability to see details. When driving, I would have to take them off to read smaller signs and when mountain-biking I would just have to trust that I could handle any surprises in the terrain that might come up. PLUS, they scratched very easily. Well these glasses, on the other hand, have AMAZING lenses... Well worth the price!! Same quality lens as oakley, Maui Jim etc. but in the price range of "cheap" glasses. Best of both worlds!! Yeah, they may be more than double the price of the super cheap glasses with plastic lenses, but the clarity of these makes it well worth it. Plus, if you are like me where you toss your glasses as soon as you can see those annoying scratches on them right in your field of view, these will last 2-3 times as long, so you are actually saving $$. Overall the fit of these is great. Glass lenses may be a bit heavier, but I can wear these for hours on end without getting a headache from the pressure on my nose/head.