Reviews for pH Plex 3 Stabilize - Fortify the Effects of pH Plex 1 & 2 In-Between Color or Bleach Treatments, 1 Double Sachet of Step 3

People say Liw is really similar to Olaplex.


Great Affordable Alternative to Olaplex

This product is a Great Affordable Alternative to Olaplex.You can order it in different small or larger quantities so you can try it without spending a fortune. I saw this on a Youtube Video by Brittnee Alexus who compares this product with Olaplex. Go watch the YouTube so you can see how the product ingredients compare to olaplex. I was skeptical as the packets contain very little product. I made the mistake of putting this on dry hair and it did not cover even half of my hair. I have very thick hair just above the shoulders bob haircut. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AND USE ON DAMP HAIR so the product can spread. Once I followed the directions it was more plenty of product for my amount of hair. You do have to mix the two packets together in a small plastic bowl, but it is very easy. And I notice a huge difference in my hair. I have Graves disease and it is drying out my hair. I highly recommend for anyone to use. The box I got said 3 packs, but it actually had 4 in it. Great Product Geat value


Works better than olaplex no joke

Works better than olaplex no joke. Plus They add a moisturizing moisturizing step. I will literally never buy all of Plex again I just worked wonders


If you're dying your own hair...

I did a ton of research before dying my own hair at home. I bought a powder bleach with a 20vol developer and everyone suggested getting olaplex to help minimize damage and keep the hair super healthy. I didn't have the money to spend on olaplex products so I searched for a dupe product to use. This was the number 1 recommended and I can see why! I mixed step one into the bowl with my color and lightener and then step 2 in the shower after color and toning! I had cut my hair fairly short so I stretched step 2 out into about 3 washes. It made my hair super soft and shiny and kept it healthy! I don't recommend any dye job without this stuff.


Amazing difference after one use

I now add this to my lightener instead of using expensive Olaplex. It helps my sensitive scalp immensely! If you can afford both, use both brands. But right now this is all I can afford and it has helped me a lot. Use steps 1&2 once a week with your normal shampoo/conditioner routine to maintain a good ph on your scalp. **EDIT 6/26/22** So after using this for THREE months now, I am still SO thrilled about this product. I can actually brush my bleached hair with no ends breaking off. When I’m doing my dark roots, I add packet 1 to my Shimmer Lights Violet Lightener and use 20 vol developer. After that processes for 30-40 min, I rinse thoroughly. Then I mix packet 2 with Shimmer Lights Plex Treatment and leave that on for 15 min. Then rinse and wash. I recommend a clarifying shampoo & conditioner once a week to remove buildup on the scalp. That’s what was causing some irritation for me. Enjoy!


I weewFinally found a dupe for Olaplex!!

I was an Olaplex user until I found this! This does the exact same thing (and more) as the Olaplex line! Step 1 is the dupe for the salon only Olaplex product. I mixed step 1 and step 2 at home on my first use after shampoo conditioning my hair and WOW! My hair was like butter!! If you want even better results, use step 3 prior to washing your hair. Put step 3 on damp hair about 15-20 min prior to getting in the shower. You will be in love with your hair again!!!


Works in time

After 4-6 weeks I noticed a difference in my bleach blonde hair. It’s in much better shape. I refuse to pay big bucks for olaplex


Highly recommend, worked like olaplex for me

Can’t say if it worked better than other leading brands. But, I did have good results that I attributed to the product. Very simple to use and can even be used along without color or bleaching service



Will be buying again works better than olaplex even and I'm a seasoned Olaplex user. I wish I woildve found this sooner I wouldve saved so much money. I've tried other dupes from.time to time too nd none of them ever worked. This one is gold! It works and it works even better.


just as good as olaplaex

I had searched everywhere for olaplex 1 & 2 and couldn't find it for a reasonable price, someone on reddit said it was a dupe for olaplex. I had low expectations, but it worked really well. it made the hair bleaching process less damaging.


Olaplex Dupe!!!

I used Plex 3 as a treatment for thick curly hair and it worked out so well! My hair felt silky and soft, I noticed that my ends were more bonded and less split looking! This is a great alternative for Olaplex if you are on a budget.