Reviews for Reef Men's Fanning Flip-Flop

People say Reef is really similar to Olukai.


I love these flips

This is my second pair of these. My first pair lasted about 10 years with mild amount of wear. They are still wearable but the part that goes between the toes started showing considerable wear and tear. I like the arch support on these and they are very comfortable. The bottle opener is more of a novelty as I usually drink can beer if I’m at the beach or in hot weather and when I have used it, it’s kind of gross to be getting sand or street dirt all over the mouth of the bottle. I had initially bought a pair of Olukai’s to replace my original pair, but they fell apart after getting wet.


Comfortable as advertised!

I bought the Reef Fanning Flip-Flop primarily because they were highly rated and comfortable. I had an older pair of Olukai that wasn't providing the level of cushioning I needed as this spring I started experiencing some mild foot pain I attribute to increased activity with the addition of a new puppy!! I received these yesterday and tried them out on a medium-long walk with the puppy and experienced no foot issues whatsoever!! They appear to be of excellent quality so expecting many miles of comfort thru the warm summer in these flip-flops. I would highly recommend them!!


Aloha. I hike with slippers, I go dancing with slippers, I go everywhere with slippers

Live in Hawai’i, I’ve tried many types of slippers (flip-flops) for outdoors/active use: Pros: + best slipper (>$30) I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned many living here in Hawai’i + sole never split or came off (my Olukai’s and Teva’s split after just a year) + bottom grip 7/10, after 4 yrs the bottom did wear, wish it came with more grooves/grip because I do hike in these (best grip are the Teva’s (katavi/pajaro) BUT the sole will split after a year) + strong thong! One of the strongest compared to Reef, Olukai, Teva’s. + comfort good (I have a good arch though) + great everyday use Cons: - hiking with these, not the best grip going through wet terrain (again Teva’s have the best grip BUT the sole will split or come off after time) I’m rebuying again because my 1st one just naturally wore after 5yrs of everyday use and hiking.