Reviews for TORRAS Shockproof Compatible for iPhone 12 Case/Compatible for iPhone 12 Pro Case, [Military Grade Drop Tested] Translucent Matte Hard PC Back with Soft Silicone Edge Slim Protective Guardian, Black

People say Torras is really similar to Otterbox.


Sleek, Attractive iPhone 12 Case

I originally bought an OtterBox Commuter Series case for my new iPhone 12. It did a great job of encasing my new phone rendered the lock and volume buttons (on the sides of the phone) as unresponsive. Several times I tried to lock or thought I locked my phone but the lock button had not depressed. I had a blue iPhone 12 and I liked the way that this TORRAS came in a blue option. I'm a Michigan grad and liked the yellow button option as well, so I took a leap a purchased this case. GREAT DECISION AND PRODUCT! It originally felt slippery/slick in the hand but that was during the first 2-3 days. The case now feels nice and grippy. It looks really great in blue to match my phone's color. I didn't realized the back was going to be transparent; was a nice surprise. Furthermore, it's encases the phone so well that lent/dust doesn't get in between the phone and the case (like a different OtterBox case I tried). My lock and volume buttons are very responsive. The "yellow" color advertised in the list pics arrived sort of neon I didn't swap them out. But this is a sleek, good-looking, seemingly protective case. I like it a lot!


Perfect balance of being both aesthetically pleasing and very durable

I ordered tow of these for executives at my office. They absolutely loved the slim design and the over feel of the product. They were both coming from Otterbox cases and loved the fact they no longer had issues quickly pulling their phone from their pocket with out some additional effort.


Great case

I was nervous buying a case on Amazon wouldn’t be as good as going and getting an otterbox like I had but it’s great!


Would buy this over and over. Goodbye Otterbox.

LOVE this case!!! Just put it on today and it’s so nice!!! Just came from an Otterbox. This is light and has the nice lip on the face to protect the screen. Not too big. LOVE IT!


Solid value for a light-medium duty case

I picked up this case to protect my iPhone 12. Having used a variety of phone cases in the past (Otterbox, Spigen, SUP, UAG, etc), I've had everything from a minimal bumper case to a full blown LifeProof case. This case is built extremely well. The fit and finish are very nice. The buttons are easy to press and it includes 3 different color buttons. These were extremely easy to install (just pop in/out). Access to the silent switch, lightening port, and speakers are generous. The two minor cons I have for the case are: The back tends to be a little more slippery than I would like. It's not the most slippery, but I think a little more texture would be nice. Additionally, I think the lip over the screen could be a little taller. There's not much clearance to the screen (and it's even more reduced with a screen protector. I think adding another .5mm would be a great addition. Overall, it's a very solid case for the money. I wouldn't use it if I was working in a very physical environment with debris (construction/machine shop/forest ranger), but it works great for general every day protection.