Reviews for L'Oreal Paris Le Color One Step Hair Toning Gloss, Cool Blonde, 4 Ounce

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Overtone.


A great deep conditioner... meh color results

I have natural soft black hair that due to the Texas heat bleaches and turns a brown/red color and in the sun looks almost completely red. I don't like it. I like my hair to be as black as possible. However, I've dyed my hair for years and I'm tired of the hair breakage it causes as well as the horrible smell that comes with the ammonia in the dye. I've tried other color conditioners and honestly, this one ranks low for me. Yes, it gives me some color coverage, but out of all the color conditioners that I've tried, it fades the quickest and this is the second most expensive one per ounce. If you consider the price per ounce, it's just about up there with overtone. This product lasts about 5-6 days for me, which is about half of their claim (10 days). I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days, so it can't be said that it's washing out too quickly. Rather, even when I don't wash my hair, the black seems to be lessening day by day. Despite the lackluster color lasting power, it is a phenomenal deep conditioner!! In attempts to control the frizzy mess that my hair is, I've tried a lot of deep conditioners. However, none of them seem to work quite well enough for me. They either: A) don't do anything or B) leave my hair weighed down and dull or sticky and tacky, requiring a clarifying wash. This product actually does something good for my hair! It leaves my hair silky soft which means that I can actually run my fingers through my hair!! What is in the formula? I don't like this product ... Read More