Reviews for Rapid Slicer, Food Cutter, Slice Tomatoes, Grapes, Olives, Chicken, Shrimp, Strawberries, Salads. Non-Slip Gadget Holder for Slicing All Different Foods Easily

People say Rapid Slicer is really similar to Pampered Chef.


Works GREAT but be sure to use a VERY sharp knife!

I have a kitchen knife that I was using w/ this, and it worked ok. But I recently got one of the blue pampered chef "Chef's knife" and wow, it works GREAT with a really sharp knife! So this product itself does exactly what it is supposed to, just be sure to get a knife that is long enough and SHARP and you will love it.


Worth buying

I have a device to cut food items in half already but it is much different (Pampered Chef) from this one. Although the PC works very well and have used it for a while and would recommend it, this one is better. It is REALLY easy to wash - in the dishwasher. No worries about e-coli after cutting meat. I would recommend this item.


Super Time Saver!

I saw a similar product in a recent Pampered Chef party. This one does the same trick for much less cost. Sturdy material. You have to experiment a little to get the chicken in the right place to cut evenly. But it has made cutting those super jumbo chicken breasts in half so much easier!


Better than Pampered Chef!

Really well made. Easy too clean. I cook dinner for my family of 5 at least 5 nights a week, and I pack my 2 oldest girls lunches for school, and I use this at least once a day. I like it better than the Pampered Chef one that I used at a PC party once!


Works like a charm.

Was searching for a less expensive alternative to the pampered chef version of this item. Works like a charm. I used a relatively new 7inch knife. I’ve only tried cherry tomatoes and grapes so far. Very satisfied.


A must have for EVeRy kitchen!

This product is amazing! Pampered Chef sells the same product for a lot more money and the quality of this product is just as good if not better! Not to mention the great price! Saves time slicing cherry tomatoes and produces amazing butterflied chicken!