Reviews for Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics - Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch for Covering Zits and Blemishes, Spot Stickers for Face and Skin, Vegan-friendly and Not Tested on Animals (36 Count)

People say Mighty Patch is really similar to Peace Out.


This is the best one

I started out with the peace out acne dots and been using them for a while. They're very good and suck out all the gunk effectively. However for the price point I didn't feel it was worth it. I tried the Rael invisible dots, and while they were slightly less noticeable, I did not feel the dots were thick enough to take care of the job. I like the mighty patch - more affordable than peace out yet more effective than rael. I will be sticking with this brand.


The best.

This significantly shrinks pimples overnight, and by day two they're gone. I've tried other popular brands (Peace Out and Rael Beauty) but they didn't really do anything. Mighty Patch is the best.


Yes, these really DO work!!! Can't live without these!!!

These are seriously amazing! If you have a pimple that has come to a head or is close to doing so, just put one of these stickers on and it will magically pull out the gross fluid and get rid of the pimple! It is so effective that it sometimes pulls gunk out of nearby pores that weren't totally clean. I had tried the Peace Out acne dots from Sephora but the salicylic acid made my pimple worse. These don't have any medication in them (great for super sensitive skin) AND are MUCH CHEAPER than the ones at Sephora - win win! Shipping from this company is always very fast. Also bought some for my teenagers. Wish I had known about these sooner!



This product ACTUALLY does what it claims - it removes white heads. I bought the "Peace Out" ones from Sephora and they did absolutely NOTHING. Whereas this almost completely removed a white head overnight. Just make sure to wash the blemish well and then pat dry before applying - otherwise they dot won 't stick.


Like "Peace Out Pimples" without the pricetag

I used to use the Peace Out Pimples acne healing dots from Sephora, but they are about twice as expensive. I found these in related items and they work just as well. You put them on a zit and they suck all the gunk out pretty much over night - love em.


I really loved this product

I really loved this is as good as the "Peace Out Acne" product, sold at Sephora, but more affordable!



Absolutely amazing, this is a dupe for the peace out acne dots!!


A great alternative to Peace Out Acne Dots

I originally started using the Peace Out acne dot's from Sephora (20 dots/$20; 40 dots/$32). They worked great, but I couldn't afford to keep buying them at that price range since I used them quite often. I then looked up Mighty Patch and decided to try them out, and they work just as good as Peace Out! Sometimes it takes a second or third use to completely erase the blemish, but I would definitely recommend to a friend. Great product and great price!