Reviews for Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Anti-Colic Baby Bottle - 8oz - 4pk

People say Dr Browns is really similar to Philips Avent.


baby likes it!

We have a 2 month old baby girl and exclusively breastfeed. My wife pumps once or twice a day when I give her a break and that's when we use a bottle. We first tried Philips Avent premie flow wide but the baby was fussing too much on it. We then tried Dr. Brown and she really liked it better. We started her at 3 weeks and used the premie nipple. Currently using nipple 1. We realised Avent's flow was way too slow for her so level 1 is a happy place right now. We like Dr. Brown although as it says on the bottle, do not fill up over the line because it does leak - a lot!



These bottles are the best baby supply we have! The best feature is Dr. Brown's bubble-reduction device. It allows air back into the bottle without going through the milk, so your baby gets a constant supply of bubble-free food. The bottles are graded in ounces and mililiters, which is very nice for precisely tracking consumption. I highly recommend Dr. Brown's bottles, and also the dishwasher kit. Initially I had purchased one Dr. Brown's set and one Philips Avent set. The PA set leaked so badly within the first week I got rid of them and bought another Dr. Brown's set and have never looked back.


Very good bottles, will stay with Dr. Brown's.

These bottles are great. After the initial confusion concerning the mechanics of working/cleaning/putting together, these bottles have been very good. We tried two other brands (Philips Avent and Playtex) but our baby preferred these. They are light, readily available locally if you need spare parts quickly, and easy to clean. Our baby gets a minimum of air while feeding, very comparable to breast feeding with these bottles. As another plus, you can find these in different colors, which helps if you send your child to day care. I like the two sizes as it fulfills our different needs with feeding. Sometimes a smaller bottle will suffice rather than the larger. Two things to consider though (but actually related): 1 - the different circumference of the 4 oz bottle vs. the 8 oz bottle and 2 - a minor difficulty in reading the ounce/ml lines. You need to look carefully on each bottle for the lines when filling the bottle. The marks are not marked in a contrasting way, so that in the middle of the night, bleary-eyed, you can make a mistake in filling with too much or too little. The circumference thing is just a bit of a mind game, if you are used to filling the 4 oz bottle with 4 oz of fluid, the 4 oz line does not look the same when filling the 8 oz bottle.


Happy feeding time for the baby!

My 6 weeks old son always wants to drink his formula really fast so he is getting gassy tummy pretty often. We tried Philips Avent (seems like the nipples are little shorter than other brands) but he was having a problem latching the nipple so he got really fussy most of the times when he tries to drink. When we finally got Dr . browns he was really happy with it (latches perfect, barely gets gassy tummy and the perfect flow for him who is wanting to drink fast). I would recommend this product to moms if the little one has same problems. I agree with other reviewers about cleaning the bottles bc there are so many little pieces you have to clean take some time to clean up but as long as my son is happy with it :)


this a great starter set

Nothing beats these bottles. When I first had my son, I tried them all - tommee tippee, Philips avent, etc. I found that most of these bottles caused both of my children to spit up more frequently or have difficulty with the nipple flow. However, dr Browns bottles worked for both of them. The bottles are more complicated than most; you have to assemble a nipple, a ring around the nipple, two inserts to prevent colic/bubbles before you can use the bottle itself. So total, there are five pieces needed for a single bottle. The nipples come in different levels. This set comes with level 1, which is the slowest flow, made for newborns. You will eventually need level 2 or 3 as the baby grows and demands a faster flow. Regardless, this a great starter set.


Great Bottles!!!

Great bottles! We also have Tommee Tippee's and Philip's Avent but Dr. Browns work the best for us.


Not sleek, but effective.

These bottles have helped immensely with our son's gas and fussiness. We tried other vented bottle designs - namely Tommee Tippee and Philips Avent Natural - and both still allow a significant amount of air bubbles to mix into the formula/milk in the bottle. Our baby made a huge mess w/ the Tommee Tippee bottles in particular as well. The vent straw design of the Dr. Brown's results in NO air bubbling, at all, when used as designed. Our baby has less gas, and burps more easily when fed with the Dr. Brown's. They are not magic, and have not eliminated all of his digestive discomfort, but we have noticed a big improvement. This bottle does have more parts to clean and keep track of, but a dishwasher and upper rack basket for bottle parts makes this no big deal, and well worth the trade-off for baby's comfort. They're also not as "stylish" as many other options, and appear somewhat "old-fashioned" aesthetically, but sleek design doesn't stop a baby's fussiness.


A little more maintenance, but better for baby...

The second most common complaint is leaking. We also had some leaks at the beginning, but there are 3 things you can do to prevent leaks (and yes -- prevent, not just reduce leaking; I have a "leak free" feeding history now that I follow these rules): 1. If you are re-heating the bottle, unscrew the collar a little to let the hot air escape. If trapped in the bottle, the expanding hot air will force milk/formula up into the vent tube and you will have a leak. We use the  Night & Day Bottle Warmer , and I had leaks after warming the bottle until I figured out the problem. 2. Do not shake the bottle if you are preparing powdered formula or have reheated the bottle. Swirl the bottle or stir the formula (pop a few PLASTIC spoons in your sterilizer - microwaves don't like metal!), or shake it without the vent and tube in place. Shaking also forces liquid up into the vent. 3. MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure the tip of the vent tube is clear of liquid when feeding the baby. Sounds obvious, but when you're focusing on your little guy/gal, you don't always pay attention to the bottle angle. If the tip of the tube is covered in formula or just barely above the surface, liquid will slop down the tube and leak out the vents under the nipple collar. We have been using the small 4oz bottles for our newborn son (now 3 weeks old), and he has very little burping and spitting up compared to nieces and nephews I have fed using other bottle brands. The Level 1 nipple flow seems to be fine, but the... Read More


excellent gas prevention = more sleep for everyone

I've been debating between sticking with Dr. Brown's or switching to Philips Avent Natural set that I bought when I thought I would be breastfeeding. Ultimately I decided that Dr. Brown's fit our needs best. Pros: - the valve system does seem to work in preventing baby from sucking in extra air - my baby has noticeably less gas, upset tummy (less squirming and grunting equals more sleep for everyone), and even less spit up. - the nipples are a happy medium between the Avent natural (too soft for a non-breasted baby) and Avent classic (much too hard). Cons: - the markings are NOT to scale on the 4oz bottle. The mark that says 2oz/60 ml should be approximately where the 70ml line is. If you look at the overall bottle, visually the space between the bottom of the bottle to the 2oz mark is way smaller than the space between the 2oz and 4oz mark. I tested this with 2oz of water and verified that these markings are not accurate. This is important for me because I am mixing pumped breast milk and formula in the bottle. The same goes for the 8 or bottle. The line for 130mls is really only 120 mls. - the 4oz bottle tends to leak even if it is filled about 10ml below the "do not fill" line - the 8oz bottle is HUGE to allow room for the straw and venting system. Overall, I am happy with these and will continue to use them.