Reviews for Garnier Skinactive Gentle Sulfate Free Foaming Face Wash, 2 Count

People say Garnier is really similar to Philosophy.


Compares to Purity by Philosophy!

I have been using purity by philosophy for years... this is the only cleanser that comes close to what purity can do. I was looking for something I could use in the AM and didnt want to use my expensive Purity so I got this. I am so surprised how gentle it is, I have used it to remove makeup also and it worked great. Be careful when using around eyes as it does sting unlike Purity but otherwise its excellent. I have normal skin but used to be super dry and any bad product will dry my skin immediately, this does not do that. I recommend it fully.


Philosophy Purity dupe!

I've been using Purity all-in-one face wash for the last few years and really love it. I'm tired of spending $40 on a bottle of face wash that ultimately washes down the drain. I've been looking for a good dupe and decided to give this Garnier cleanser a try. I really like it so far! The texture and consistency is really similar to Purity, but this Garnier cleanser foams more. Ultimately, the Garnier leaves my skin feeling a tiny bit drier than the Purity, but the price between the two is substantial enough to justify buying the Garnier for the foreseeable future.



Cleanses well, doesn’t make my face feel dry. I really like the philosophy product that’s similar to this and this is a cheaper alternative for me. It’s not e exactly the same but is close.


Love! Love! Love!

I used to purchase Purity face cleanser from Philosophy. This stuff compares to high end make-up removers. Leaves skin soft and clean. Non-drying formula is great!


Gentle effective cleanser

I have been using this product for years. Gentle and melts make Up well. Agree with another review who stated it was a duplicate for purity from philosophy...I have thought the same thing.


It’s a M U S T

Total dupe for Philosophy's Purity. Your face feels super clean but no dryness and the sent is low and not overpowering.... it’s a light clean smell. Totally worth the money!!! I will only use this frm now on.


Good stuff

I used this to replace my purity by philosophy cleanser with something with less/cleaner ingredients for removing make up. Works just as well for a fraction of the cost. I'll buy it again.