Reviews for Tasty Coffee Bronzer

People say I Heart Revolution is really similar to Physicians Formula.


Beautiful… Dupe for PF Maybe

This is a really beautiful bronzer. Although there's some kickback, it's very minimal. It goes in smooth and seems to be a nice dupe for the Physicians Formular Butter Bronzer. I wish Macchiato was available too. Sometimes I like a cool tones bronzer and other times I like a nice warm/red tone bronzer. I use these for eyeshadow as well. So nice.


Don't know why they're complaining...

This formula is amazing! This is my 2nd purchase of it. Maybe if you take a moment to actually read the packaging and LOOK at the photos, you'll see that it says "coffee break." This eludes to deeper skin tones, not lighter ones. Also, the photos clearly show you what the shades look like. Don't blame the company when they are clearly showing you the product beforehand. Just open your eyes.