Reviews for Prada Conceptual PR 08OS 1AB5W1 Black Plastic Square Sunglasses Grey Gradient Polarized Lens

People say Prada is really similar to Prada.


Perfectly gorgeous!

I always struggle to find the perfect pair of sunglasses and me and my ocd often spend hours at a crack over at Sunglasses Hut trying to pick out a pair that look just right. Lol. The struggle, I tell you. On a whim, mostly because my last pair broke and I have been without anything for years, I decided to skip the mall and check Amazon (of course!). No hesitation, these caught my eye immediately and I knew anything by Prada would be great. I was unsure if they would be authentic due to the great price, but I can say I feel the pair I received are real. Lenses and frames both stamped, all accessories included, and appears to be made of high quality materials. I also got the polarized version which is always a must for me and they are, indeed, polarized. Tested them out for my first wear while driving midday out of town for Easter and they were just excellent. Plus, I can’t believe it but they are actually pretty flattering on my face! Hours and hours saved, and so very worth it. They are just gorgeous and perfect. 😎