Reviews for Arrtx Professional Colored Pencils 72 Color for Artists Colorists, Premium Art Supplies for Drawing, Sketching Shading and Coloring Books, Smoothly Blend Creamy with Vibrant Colors

People say Arrtx is really similar to Prismacolor.


hoping they will release a larger set of colors! soon!

ok...i'm not the most experienced in colored pencil art, though i know enough ;) i certainly have enough (many) different sets of colored pencils, which i use mostly for adult coloring books having said all that, i want to ay that these arrtx pencils are my new fave...i have luminance, Holbein, polychromos, etc., and love and use them all...i have Prismacolors...all the "budget brands" youtubers use and recommend (well, not all, but more than several sets)...i tell you this only to let you know that i have a good basis for comparison between sets of pencils...also, let's be honest, i am something of a pencil addict/collector... anyway...i ordered these because i have recently discovered arrtx's markers, both alcohol and water-based, which i find excellent in so many ways...i thought "what the heck, we'll see", and had no special expectations of th pencils...however, i found them to be wonderful...good color range in this 72 set, the largest offered, soft leads but not so easily breakable, and nicely packaged (all arrtx products that i have purchased are very nicely packaged!) this is an exciting new copany to me...i recommend them most highly


Prismacolor alternatives!

I’ve actually mixed these bad boys with my prismacolors because they blend so well together AND are so vibrant! Will be getting another back up set real soon!! BUY THEM!


Soft and vibrant

I was so happy that all the other great reviews were true for me as well. These pencils are very pigmented and smooth and buttery to work with. They feel so similar to Prismacolor pencils. And the artwork on the packaging is absolutely adorable. The only thing I’d change is the foam insert that holds the pencils. I’d make it have four separate rows of holes. With just the two rows of holes holding four rows of pencils, the pencils fall into the next row when you remove one beside it. That is truly my only complaint.


A good budget pencil

These pencils arrived well-packaged in a box. The colors are similar to the Prismas. They are creamy and fun to use. They blend fairly well. I recommend these pencils. After swatching my Arrtx 72 set of pencils, I found only 6 pencils that did not have the same name as their Prismacolor counterpart. Those are: Light Yellow, Shortbread, Rose Red, Jade Blue, Turquoise Grey, and Yellowish Grey. Of the ones that are named the same, here are the ones that are different: Cerulean Blue is off a bit Cloud Blue Ginger Root is slightly off Gold is different. I do like the Arrtx Gold better than the Prisma. So this would be a great alternative set for Prismas, or a good one to mix together. Sorry I can't show my swatch chart because I used a copyrighted one.


Almost Perfect

The only thing that would improve this set is to have more colors, such as a set of 120. I would recommend these pencils to everyone. They are vibrant, take sharpening well by hand or with a battery sharpener, blend, lay down very lightly to withstanding burnishing pressure. I'm fond of many brands of pencils, but these are now right up there with my favorites. Many comparisons have been made with Prismacolor Premiers, and they are very similar without being 100% dupes. Still, I personally prefer the Arrtx Premiums because they take sharpening better and have straighter cores and fewer offset cores, the bane of my relationship with Prismacolor Premiers. I only wish for more colors. The box is cute, too.


These pencils are AWESOME!

These pencils are AMAZING!!!! Awesome pigment, really smooth, and extremely bendable. I would honestly say these are better then Arteza and I personally like them over Prismacolor. These really surprised me as to how well they are!


Best lower cost pencil I've bought

I am a prismacolor girl. But I have bought at least a dozen cheaper sets of pencils to use in other projects and this is the best set I've run across yet. Colors are vibrant, they are soft but not too soft and they blend incredibly well. Super happy. Would love to see them expand the set and/or sell open stock


Please give me more!

These pencils absolutely blew my mind. When I got them, I was in the middle of using my prismacolor pencils to do a piece. I stopped to swatch the Arrtx ones and didn't want to go back! I'm a die hard prisma gal but after finding these, I will be waiting with baited breath for more colors/sets from Arrtx to come out. Please give me more!


Great starter pencils

These lay down well, have great pigment, a great color selection - an excellent value. The colors are very similar to Prismacolor colors (most even share names) but I actually like these better (and I LOVE the Rose Red). AND THEY ARE DURABLE (i.e., they don't constantly break like the Prismas). I have not seen much "dust" from them, either, so my pages are staying cleaner (I tend to smudge, LOL). They layer/blend really well. I highly recommend them.


Good quality, but…

I like these colored pencils a lot, but I’d like a broader variety of colors. There are too many yellows for such a (relatively) small collection, and it’d be nice if the barrels more accurately matched the color of the cores. They lay down quite easily and smoothly, and they seem to blend well. I’m an amateur when it comes to colored pencils for the most part, but I’ve always used Prismacolor pencils, and these seem quite comparable. A larger set with a broader range of colors would make these even better.