Reviews for Acne Treatment Differin Gel, 30 Day Supply, Retinoid Treatment for Face with 0.1% Adapalene, Gentle Skin Care for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin, 15g Tube

People say Differin is really similar to Proactiv.


The only thing that's ever worked for me.

My skin is terrible, I've had acne since I was in elementary school and it only got worse over time..... Never had a day without a breakout, and then somehow my skin decided to give a big F YOU to me, and bam here comes cystic acne. I've tried proactive, murad, clinique, a bunch of all the biore, neutrogena, clearasil, clean and clear, yes to, pretty much everything...... Even prescription medicine from the dermatologist. None of it helped. Some of those products made my skin worse. Differin is the ONLY thing that works for me. It's brutal at first so make sure you use moisturizer. Which is insane to hear from me, if you knew me/my greasy nasty skin. I'd recommend the differin night time moisturizer. Start using the differin gel once every 3 nights, then after a week or so, every other night, and eventually go to every night. The initial dryness was terrible when I first started using it. I wish my dumb a$$ would have used the moisturizer back then but I thought it would cause me to break out. The first 2 pics here are from about 2 weeks into using differin (my skin was already showing improvement of how it looked before, but I don't have any before pics) and the last one is about 6 months after I started differin. I used it most nights for a couple years and then quit because my skin was so much better. That lasted about a year and now it's nasty again, so I've started differin again. This time I'm only a week in and my skin is so much clearer already, and I'm not being an... Read More


THIS STUFF WORKS! Stick with it!

This is the first review I have ever written for any skin care product simply because I stand by this and want others to benefit from this too! I am 26 years old, I start using this about 3 months ago and wow what a difference! I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since my hormonal teen years and it never went away. I do not suffer from cystic acne. I do have oily combination sensitive skin. My acne tends to flare up the most around the time of the month which isn’t unnatural. Over the long years, I’ve tried everything from proactiv to seeing a dermatologist who prescribed me antibiotics and other gels that never worked. I gave up and felt lost as if I would just have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I still searched for products to use and washed my face twice daily, using toners and moisturizers regardless. Then I came across this. I researched it for a while before I bought it and read all types of reviews. It wasn’t outragesly priced so I decided to give it a shot. Even when it arrived I waited a few weeks to start using it because I was terrified of the purging. Once I finally began using it, I noticed results almost instantly. I was shocked because I never am the one to see results and certainly not this quick. I figured it was the calm before the storm (purge) taking place. But to my surprise I never purged (thank god). My skin did dry out even while using a ton of moisturizer. I realized that the moisturizer was actually making the product saturate int... Read More



I've been using this nightly since May and it works great!!! As a 34 you female I've had horrible, painful, embarrassing acne since Jr High resulting in bad scarring. Proactive used to work, but stopped. I've tried may other cleaners, toners, moisturizers that would work then stop. Is my face 100% clear? No, but Differin has helped eliminate my scarring and has cut down the amount, severity and frequently of my break outs SO MUCH! I no longer dread the week before my period when I break out the worst and no longer feel like I have to wear makeup daily which only irritated my skin more. It did take a few weeks to really start working but I did not go through the red, drying phase. Make sure you moisturize!! I will never again go without Differin!


Doesnt dry my older skin. Doesnt cause redness

Im 57 and was getting break outs that Proactive was clearing up after 10 yrs of using. This product works. Dries up breakouts without drying skin. I dont have oily skin either. Recommend for us post menop. women


This works better than Proactiv

It works so much better than Proactiv product. This product absorbs quicker and works great for me! I had a break out and proactiv worked just enough but wouldn't get heal. I looked on Amazon and this one popped up I thought what do I have to loose,it's refundable. I was amazed, after 3 or 4 days the break outs stopped and were 99% gone! I recommend it!


Better than proactive

I was having a lot of crazy small acne bumps and even a few deep painful pimples. After three days of this the little bumps were gone and the deep pimples were smaller and no longer painful. Continues use has resulted in clear skin! After the success with this product I bought the differin dark spot corrector and noticed results after two weeks. I’m really happy I finally found a brand that works!


Great product! (Use together with face wash and moisturizer)

This stuff works! If you use the daily face wash and moisturizer, done! I had tried everything and none of it worked. I used this as a prescription in HS and loved it. I tried Proactive in college and no results, nothing. I saw this as an otc, and was all over it. I'm in my 30's now and still have acne and this stuff works great.


Highly recommend!

If there was a better word for great than this product is that because my hormonal acne drives me insane. I just started having these hormonal acne since I hit my 30s. I have used everything from cheap to affordable to expensive and way too expensive. From over the counter to on the shelves to Dermalogica and Proactive and nothing cleared up my skin as much as this. I saw results within days. Highly recommend!


Best adapelen gel out there! Highly recommended!

This adapelene gel is great! I have tried La Roche-Pose and Proactiv's adapelene gel and do not work as well as this brand. I believe it is because this brand is fragrance free and water based. Highly recommend for people with sensitive skin.


Actually Works, Remember to Also Balance Skins PH!

This product works! I have been struggling with acne since high school (age 26 now) and have tried every over the counter product including benzoyl peroxide, proactive and several birth controls to no avail. My skin would clear up for a brief period and then in would just come back and most products would dry my face out like crazy!! When this became available without a prescription I bought it, I had low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised! I decided to use an entire tube before I made up my mind. It took a couple of weeks until I really started to notice a difference and it did get a little worse before it got better, but that is common when your face is adjusting to new chemicals and treatments. I have not experienced dryness like I did with Proactive or other products. I had some sensitivity around my eyes (I tried my best to avoid the area but still put it on my temples) and nose, this was remedied by being careful not to let the product touch those areas and using a good moisturizer. Sometimes the sensitivity randomly comes back but it is also listed as a side affect so I do not worry too much, its not as bad as benzoyl peroxide. My skins is clearing up so well that I can finally focus on healing scars now rather than covering up active breakouts! When using treatments like this please remember to use products that help balance the skin, balancing your skins PH level is key when it comes to healing acne!


Great product!! But there are side effects you should prepare for.

This is a great product! But there is a side effect you should make sure you're ready for. I'm almost 26yrs old & I've been struggling with acne since I was a teen. I had been using Aveeno Clear Complection face wash for years & it usually kept it under control. The past few months my skin just kept getting worse & worse (no change to my diet, skin products, etc.) & no idea what caused my skin to have such horrible breakouts. I decided to look into Proactiv to help. I know a few people who have been on it & half loved it & half hated it. But all of them hated the price & how difficult it was to unsubscribe. That made me not want to get Proactiv. I did more research & found this product, Differin. It has the exact same amount of Adapalene Gel .1% as the ProactivMD Acne Treatment gel. It's basically the same product, they just charge you 2x or 3x the cost for it, depending on the size you order. With that in mind, I order the Differin gel & Differin Gentle Cleanser. Now I did read the reviews on the Differin gel. I knew it would cause dry skin. But I didn't worry about it because I knew I had a pretty good moisturizer (Bio Oil is not meant to be used as a moisturizer but I accidently discovered it makes an awesome one) that I've been using for at least a year. However, when I started using the Differin products, my beloved moisturizer did Not stand a chance. I switched to an Aveeno face moisturizer & Nope, that didn't work either. My skin felt Raw. It was so dry, it started to ... Read More


I feel so bad for the people for whom this medicated lotion didn't ...

Oh man, i didn't see all the negative one star reviews before I started buying this acne medication over a year ago. I feel so bad for the people for whom this medicated lotion didn't work bc tbh..... My skin looks SO. FREAKIN. GOOD. (Finally!!!!) and I attribute it all to this medication. I've always had awful acne ever since I became teen, but my adult acne is very hormonally influenced. My skin is also super oily, with some dry patchy spots in the winter. I tried pretty much every major acne brand from the late 90's through all of 2000-2010 and up to today. Proactiv made my skin break out very badly and was not effective, neither was taking rounds of antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist to supposedly "destroy all the bacteria in/on my face and skin causing the acne." Having a pocket derm prescription medication account worked for a bit, but after 2 years of unsuccessfully finding an effective formula to get shipped to me I was out of options. I was considering asking my doctor to start Accutane, understanding how risky and filled with side effects that venture could be, but then I found out differin was newly available otc. I've had awful skin purging while trying different methods of treating my acne, and while differin's purging period was still present it honestly wasn't the worst ive ever experienced. I still get break outs if i don't keep up a strict skin regimine at all times, and hormonal acne is pretty much unavoidable on a month to month basis. But differin h... Read More


Amazing results.

Ok, I don't usually write reviews but for this product I am obligated to. I am 30 and I have suffered countless battles with acne most specially in my cheeks/jaw area. I have tried multiple products from standalone Philosophy and Murad to Acne 3 systems by Paula's choice and Proactiv to no avail! I made sure I was committed on each product for about 3-4 months but there were no signs of hope. Then I found out about Adapalene and I just had to see what the buzz is about. Differin to me is a life changer. My reoccurring problem completely stopped and all I had to worry about from here on out are my post acne scars. Usually,I would get new acne on my face every week but by using Differin it somehow stopped the 'cycle' of my acne appearances. I noticed it after 3 weeks straight of using the Differin. Yes, not after a week or 2 weeks.. it took differin 3 weeks consistently to see results. So don't get discourage after 1 or 2 weeks.. trust the process and once it is used as advertised you won't get disappointed. I used a normal salicyc cleanser on my face (Neutrogena) every morning, then a light lotion (to prevent dryness), then a thin layer of Differin on my most affected area (cheeks/jaw). All I needed is a small pea-sized of Differin gel and the small tube lasted about a month for me. So for about 11 bucks in my local store, nothing can beat it. I am now on my 3rd month and no new acne has re-surfaced.


Excellent product

My 14 uear old son went from basic acne break outs to full blown infectious cystic acne in what seemed like about 2 weeks time. He had so many large cysts that they connected to form one big long infected area down both sides of his face. We saw a dermatologist initially and he was prescribed amoxacillin, to get the infection under control. We tried literally EVERYTHING else. Proactive, neutrogena, oxy, stri dex, literally did all we could do for him. The one thing, aside from the course of antibiotics, that ended up working, was this differin gel. Not to knock some of those other products, the benzoyl peroxide also helped and the neutrogena deep clean is awesome. Even on his sensitive fair skin, this product only dried him out for a few weeks and not terribly so. Eventually his skin cleared and is soft and smooth. Use diluted first time, on wet skin, to test your reaction. Work up to once every other day, then once a day. Dont just pile it on. See how your skin reacts.


Give it time

I had mild acne as a teen that went away and came back with horrible vengeance after my second child. I tried every drug store brand at every strength. I tried proactive and antibiotics. I have also been using retinol products for years. Nothing helped. Then I see an ad for differen and decide to try it. For the first couple of weeks my acne got worse and my face was dry and itchy. However on the box it said that it would basically get worse before getting better so I stuck with it, though I was basically miserable. Wow am I glad I did! When I was over halfway through the tube my acne went away! I am now starting my second one and have been completely acne free for a month! For the first time in years! I love it! Now my skin still feels drier than before using it though not as bad as the beginning. But some extra moisturizer fixes that right up. SO worth it!


Worth a try if you have adult acne. :)

So, here is the thing people. Skin care and skin care products and their success will vary from person to person. What works for one might not work for someone else. I am in my mid-30s and I've had varying stages of acne since I was about 10. I have hormonal issues, and take medication for depression which of course--can cause acne. GREAT. I've spent SO much money trying to get rid of it. I rarely have big ones, but the smaller little whiteheads that cluster and one will get swollen and red. I wouldn't say cystic--just a normal, painful zit. I've used Proactiv. I've used Neutrogena. I've used medications. NOTHING helps, or if it does, the side effects are terrible. Proactiv dried out my skin SO bad it would crack and bleed even after I only used it a couple times a week. Murad made me allergic--rashes and make everything worse. I've used the Salicyclic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide systems for years: nothing works. On top of it all, my skin is VERY dry and easily irritated. "How can you have dry skin AND acne?" Of course, I'm just "special" like that. Grr. But when this released I about fell over. I cannot afford hundreds of dollars to go to a dermatologist (only to have them stick me on something that doesn't work). $13 or so and one step. I did notice a little purging but for me, it wasn't anything severe. I put a VERY THIN layer on my entire face. Sometimes I mix with moisturizer. I bought my first tube in March, and it's now July and I've just nearly run out. Is it perfect? N... Read More