Reviews for Fil-fresh 6-Pack Faucet Water Filter Replacement for PUR Filtration System, Model FM-3700, PFM400H, PFM350V, 3 Stage Filter, NSF Certified (Blue)

People say Filfresh is really similar to Pur.



Works great and the price is awesome


Great knockoff for the Pur filters!

They fit perfectly, no noticeable difference in flavor. In fact, the water comes out a lot faster with this one! Highly recommend


What a value!

Definitely the most bang for your buck. The PUR filter system says that each filter should last for about 3 months, so this is 18 months worth! I changed my filter and noticed how much heavier the old one was which means it was full of lead and mercury. So glad I bought these.



These by far are much better than the filters that came with my Pur water filter! These are amazing quality and an amazing value!


A great alternative to pur OEM filters

Works just as well as Pur Basic filters and at a fraction of the cost.


They Work Great

They work great easy to install nice to feel safe you are drinking pure water filtered by a pur filter. We refill our water bottles coffee tea etc .Great peace of mind


Great product for the price!

Great product for the price. I can’t tell a difference from these filters and the Pur filters which I’ve bought in the past.


Longer lasting

These filters last a lot longer than PUR brand filters....worth the price.


As good as Pur filters

These faucet filters are easy to install and work as well as Pur filters for less money. I will definitely buy them again.


How do you know if they are working except for taste?

Water flow is faster. Does this mean water isn’t being filtered like Pur filters?