Reviews for Ghost Shampoo™

People say Verb is really similar to Pureology.



I have "a lot of fine hair" and I've tried Bumble and Bumble, Kenra, and Pureology... All too heavy. This stuff ROCKS. Day-two hair is amazing. I can even use the conditioner and it doesn't weigh my hair down. I'm a customer for life, for real!


So happy Verb is at Ulta!

This shampoo (and the accompanying conditioner) are my HOLY GRAIL!! I have very long, thick, straight hair that gets greasy in a matter of hours. I've tried training it and I can never go a day without dry shampoo. This shampoo keeps my hair moisturized BUT oil-free for longer than any other kind I've used. Trust me, I've used them all: IGK, Kenra, B&B, Drybar, Drunk Elephant, Pureology, Briogio. Also numerous drugstore brands. NOTHING gets my hair cleaner but leaves it as soft as this stuff. When I pair the shampoo & conditioner together along with the ghost oil FORGET ABOUT IT GIRL, you would not believe the softness. I will always keep a jumbo size of each on deck because I never want to run out of this liquid gold.