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People say Rinfit is really similar to Qalo.


Better than Dropping $30 for One Ring

These rings are surprisingly good. I was pretty skeptical at first due to the price range but they are pretty much the same thing as QALO, Groove or any other companies. I really like the airflow design on the Groove rings as it allowed the skin on my finger to breath. I ran into that problem with the QALO rings and had to let my skin break for a while. The Rinfit rings have an airflow system and fit snug so trying to get items out of my pocket is easier since the ring doesn't get caught. I would like to see the airflow system extend to the edge of the ring so there is actual airflow. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the product, plus I was able to get 3 rings for 50% of what the the "high-end" companies charge for theirs.


If you're on the fence, jump on this side...

I work in healthcare and have to use silicone rings. Previously, I bought QALO rings. Despite their larger price, QALO is lower quality compared to these. These feel more durable and comfortable than QALO. I also love the seller's customer service. I had a concern with the rings size but in no time I had a message stating they were sending out a second ring set in the size I preferred. A+


Great rings and even better company

I was really impressed with the quality for the money but they didnt fit quite right. without saying anything they emailed me on their own. I told him they didnt fit perfect but i didnt care. They sent me 3 more at no charge and told me to keep them all. Talk about customer service. Definitely more comfortable than my qalo ring but not but a ton.


Buy them!

These fit great! I've worn a silicone ring for a few years now. (a dfferent brand of course), but these feel sturdier. I work with my hands a lot and look forward to seeing how these hold up. Price point is great. Just one Qalo is $25+, remember that. Like most rings, you'll feel it at first but after a while of wearing it, you won't even notice it.


Better than QALO

I have had a QALO silicone wedding band for months, and it doesn't allow the skin underneath my ring to breather. I've had my Rinfit ring for 2 days and my finger is already looking human again. No gross look but actual skin breathe due to the ridges. For the price you can't beat it. I also loved that they sold an olive drab green ring that matched my uniform.


Excellent product!

Rings are made every bit as good as Qalo product. Excellent!