Reviews for MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter

People say Wet N Wild is really similar to Rare Beauty By Selena Gomez.


Its very beautiful pay

Its very beautiful pay off is good if your looking for a dewy glow this is good I've worn this by it self love the applicator its shimmer


Introduced to me by my...

Introduced to me by my lovely daughter, this liquid highlighter lights up my life! This color is the perfect match for my sun kissed skin tone. It lasts all day, and doesnt rub off onto everything else after applied. This is my go-to, and while Im open to trying new products I cant see myself leaving this behind



This stuff is so beautiful. I use it under the wet and wild loose highlighting powder and the two works amazing together. And so well by themselves.



Had a couple dollars left on a gift card and picked this up. I'm not a big fan of powder highlighters so I was very intrigued by this. Overall I really like it! A little goes a long way and for the price, you really cant go wrong. It's super blend-able and I just use my finger tips.


Love it *if used correctly

I have 3 if these, I thought they were being discontinued so I bought the halo and goddess. I love mixing the two or using goddess by itself. I know people say it pills, but the way I go about it is. I put it on the back of my hand and use a sponge to apply and then I use my finger to top off a little more, just wait a few seconds until semi dry. I love love this product and I use it on top of foundation AND underneath foundation...basically any chance I get.


I absolutely love this!

I use this product by putting a few dabs on the back of my hand and using a blending/bronzer brush by elf. I really like this and did not even think that I would like a highlighted look in my face. I love that it is a liquid because women with noticeable fine lines should consider using more creamy and liquid based products. (Powders emphasize wrinkles and finer lines or so I have experienced) I was so happy with the look of the product when blended with the brush. I have not tried any other application process, but I bet a blending sponge would be nice too. If you have not considered a liquid highlighter, try this one. The price is fabulous and for that alone, worth trying and maybe making highlighter a part of your routine.


Very pretty

I was skeptical because of some bad reviews however I purchased the halographic color and it's amazing! I dotted on and blended with a beauty blender and it's gorgeous. More blinding than powder alone. Would definitely buy again.


Beautiful, buildable glow, tricky to apply

I bought both shades and really like it so far! Definitely apply with a sponge because I tried swiping it on with my fingers and when I started blending with them it took off my foundation! When I gently blend with a small damp beauty blender it looks great! For the price, it's hard to beat and the payoff looks expensive ✨