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People say Htms is really similar to Rayban.


Coolest sunglasses ever!

Love! After watching Big Sky one night, I looked up glasses Jenny wears on the show. She wears Rayban’s. Since I didn’t want to spend $200, I found these on Amazon. I love how the look and they provide great eye protection!!


Great quality

Very nice option if you don't want to spend $200+ on rayban. Great quality.


Pleasantly surprised

I get compliments on these regularly. I actually tried on the RayBans & they felt the same quality as these. I also didnt expect them to actually be polarized, but they are!



So cute! Look just like raybans. Perfect if you need a cheap pair to keep in your car or go to the beach.


RayBan dupe

Absolutely love these sunnies! Bought them as a dupe for Ray-Ban glasses & they live up to expectations. Totally recommend.


Great Ray Ban Dupes

Great duplicates of RayBan for sure


awesome dupes for RayBans

good value for the price


good dupes

good dupes for raybans. super cute and fit well. recommend


Perfect Rayban dupes!

Perfect Rayban dupes! I love love love them. Good quality!


Fantastic Dupe

I've had my rayban hexagon glasses for about six months, but with all the traveling I'm doing this summer and my job as a nanny I wanted something that was just as stylish that I wouldn't mind losing or breaking. The only significant differences are that this product is significantly lighter than my ray bans and the lease is not as dark. Other than that these are great. I can easily throw them in my suitcase, beach bag or backpack and not worrying about them getting broken because they come in a pouch that can be used as a case. Overall these are fantastic and I would buy them in every color.