Reviews for SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses for Women Men Retro Vintage Shades Large Plastic Frame Sunnies SJ2067

People say Sojos is really similar to Rayban.


Love them!

I JUST unboxed these and I’m in love. They fit perfect, their lightweight, super reflective and stylish. I recently broke my ten year old RayBans but didn’t want to spend $150+ for a new pair so I took a chance on these and I’m so glad I did!! I have a small face and was afraid these would be too big but they’re perfect. If you’re considering buying them, do it… you won’t be disappointed!


I love these sunglasses

The glasses are bigger than I thought they’d be which is why I included a selfie. That being said, they are lightweight and a great deal for the price. I have a pair of Raybans I paid more than $100 for, and I like these better.


Best affordable sunglasses

I love my sojos I have tons of raybans but if I fear I'm going to break or lose them, then I wear my solos and I can't even tell the difference. My favorite cheap pair of sunglasses. Fit nice just like my raybans


You will not regret these glasses

These could not be nicer! I actually bought a couple of these to replace my RayBans I dropped in the Lake. I can’t say enough about these! Lightweight, very fashionable, NOT AT ALL TOO BIG, and best of all, the lenses are CRYSTAL clear!


RayBan dupe

These are almost identical to RayBans I've seen online but way cheaper, but don't feel cheap. They're so cute, I love the little bag they come with and they have more sun protection than any other sunglasses I've ever owned.