Reviews for Heat Tamer Spray

People say Tresemme is really similar to Redken.


Must have!

I bought this hoping to cut down on my blow drying. This product is great because it works with dry and wet hair, flat irons and blow dryiers. Leaves my hair softer then the previous Redken satinwear blow dry creme. Great smell! Makes hair shiny and soft. Never leaves your hair oily or weighed down. I am impressed!


no residue at all , adds shine

I do not agree with people about the residue. I have fine/wavy hair, use blow dry and flat iron often. After I use tresemme heat spray it makes my hair shine and no residue at all. The only products I can compare it with are those used in salon on my hair(redken, aveda). Those usualy have strong smell and leave residue to the point that I have to wash my hair same day to relieve it of all of that. Then I just use my trusted tresemme and love it.


Great Product!

I bought this product at my local Target store after hearing good reviews about it online. I straighten my hair almost every day so I really need some kind of protection on it if I want it to grow without breakage. After I used this product for the first time I was amazed! It made my hair feel so silky and sleek. Also, it smells great and left my hair smelling wonderfully throughout the whole day. I have previously used Redken Iron Silk 07 and CHI Iron Guard 44 for my hair protectants, but those are both pretty expensive and didn't work as well as this $5.00 Tressemme product! I'm very happy that I made this purchase and will be buying more of this in the future!


Not oily or Sticky!

I tried this recently to flat iron my hair and was amazed by the results. Highly recommended for those with very curly hair like mine. I've used Redken thermal protection which was very oily and CHI which was a little sticky, not a lot but very pricey in comparison to Tresemme.



I love this product! after my redken heat protectant ran out, i did not want to spend the money to get a new one. It worked, but it had a weird odor, was incredibly sticky, and was very heavy. By the end of the day my hair was somewhat greasy from the product. i would have to take another shower to wash it out. The tressemme heat protectant is the exact opposite of all of these things! It smells great, is super lightweight, and it doesn't make my hair greasy. I just got my hair cut, and so far it keeps my ends from getting fried!!


TRESemme Thermal Spray

I started to use the Redken thermal spray and i hated the way that it felt, so i purchased this on a whim. I'm so glad that i did. not only does it smell good but when i straighten the parts that i sprayed i dont get a wierd barbie hair texture feel to it.