Reviews for Amazon Basic Care Tussin Cough Syrup DM, Cough Suppressant and Expectorant, Wild Cherry Flavor, 8 Fluid Ounces

People say Amazon Basic Care is really similar to Robitussin.


Good replacement for higher cost Robitussin

It was hard to distinguish between this product and the original. Very Effective on my wife's and my cough from colds.


Works as well as Robitussin

This is basically exactly the same as Robitussin. It does the same thing and it works just as well and it's a lot cheaper. Say ask you to rate Things based on taste of a product but I have never found a cough medicine to taste yummy. Actually I've thought that people sat around a table deciding how disgusting something could taste and they applied that knowledge to cough medicine and that's where it's at. Yes it taste like crap and so does robitussin but they do the job equally as well and this product does it for a whole lot less. Does it taste good no it does not but it works amazingly well just like Robitussin does.


It's an expectorant & brings up flem 100%!

My fiance developed pneumonia due to covid 6months ago& he couldn't get the phlegm up so I ordered tis bc it's an expectorant & is the same exact thing as robitussin expectorant & works the same as robitussin, I highly recommend this ,trust me it works, 100 stars all the way!


Worked as effectively as the named brand

I usually buy only named brand when it comes to medicine. But this time I had to order this as Robitussin is not available not even in the stores around us. It worked as effectively as Robitussin. No regrets and I saved a lot of money as I ordered 4 of these.


Big savings over Robitussin DM.

Big savings over Robitussin DM with exactly the same ingredients.



This worked for me...was a decision between this and Robitussin, but glad I got this. Paid half of the cost and got the same result.





Well-tested formula to control cough and loosen phlegm

This is the Amazon equivalent, as it says, of Robitussin DM, with the exact same quantities of the two key active ingredients: Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 20 mg - a cough suppressant -- and Guaifenesin, USP 200 mg - an expectorant. There is an extra strength version of Robitussin which doubles the amount of Guaifenesin. It has the same amount of Dextromethorphan HBr. Please note that you shouldn't try to achieve the "maximum" strength by doubling the dosage safely, because that will be more than the recommended amount of Dextromethorphan HBr. Dextromethorphan HBr is a light cough suppressant - it acts on your brain to reduce the impulse to cough. Guaifenesin loosens phlegm in your chest to help make your cough more productive. Generally, I prefer to use cough syrups without the DM when a sick person with a cold or flu can cough more easily to help them expel the mucous, but the DM can be very helpful when folks are trying to sleep. It's a well-proven formula offered at a better price than the name brand.


Works great!

Works just as well as Robitussin, but cheaper!