Reviews for Kitch Ice Tray Easy Release White Ice Cube Trays, 16 Cube (Pack of 2) (2867-WHT-2)

People say Kitch is really similar to Rubbermaid.


Better than Rubbermaid ice trays

I'm so glad I took a chance on these trays. I have purchased too many inexpensive trays in the past, only to have them crack within a few weeks. These trays are easy to twist and the cubes release easily. They're light weight, but durable. Not flimsy at all! They stack nicely on top of each other and on top of my Rubbermaid trays. I thought the price was really good too.


Easy Release of ice

I have 2 Rubbermaid ice cube trays, and 2 of these. Rubbermaid does not release easily. The trays I've purchased for a few months are wonderful so I just ordered 2 more packs of 2 trays. Remember though never overfill an ice cube tray, water expands when it freezes. The release of the ice cubes is so easy


Found what I was looking for‼️

I really wanted cubes which didn’t shatter when releasing from the tray. So, I researched the issue online. Here’s my conclusion from these articles: trays work BEST when I filled with HOT water (surprisingly true, less shards) AND don’t STACK them (see photo, when stacked they don’t freeze the same). I have a Rubbermaid ice bin (see photo, you can buy on Amazon for $7.80) which I empty the frozen cubes into by placing over the bin & gently twisting in opposite directions until all are released. Very very happy 🎶🎶 with these easy release trays. Highly rcommend - if you have difficulties, explore the various factors I discovered . . .


Great ice trays

Great ice trays. Sturdy yet easy to get the cubes out. I didn’t realize there could be a difference in trays. I’m extremely satisfied. Better than my old Rubbermaid ones.


Not the best

I purchased these believing they would work easily. Found they did not work as well as desired. I ordered the Rubbermaid and found they were so much better.