Reviews for Toolsand Spare Battery Pack for 1200 Lumens Cordless Rechargeable LED Worklight Floodlight (Lithium Ion)

People say Toolsand is really similar to Scangrip.


An excellent alternative to Scangrip or Astro lights for auto detailing

These are excellent lights. I'm an auto detailer and I use these to highlight defects in exterior paintwork and illuminate the interior to help me get a better finished product. I spent two days compounding, polishing, and sealing my work van. In the pictures, you can see how well they show the flaws and illuminate the panel as I'm working. Right out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at their fit and finish. These feel substantial in your hands, made of good quality, solid materials, and they have a nice heft to them for their size. Not cheap or chintzy at all. The magnetic base is a welcome feature because I can stick them to my metal rolling cart or the garage door supports as I make my way around the car. I bought a pair and cycled between the two every four hours or so, keeping them running on the first "medium" setting. Also, I have to say that going cordless feels great. My workspace is safer and less cluttered now. The only suggestion I would make to improve these would be to develop a mounting bracket (like the one on the underhood bar) that I can screw directly to each side of the tripod T bar. That way I could slide the lights in and out of the bracket without having to unscrew the lights each time. Jon, Trepmall, and everyone involved with these lights did a great job. I'm excited to see what they have in store next.