Reviews for DAVID ARCHY Men's Underwear Bamboo Rayon Breathable Super Soft Comfort Lightweight Pouch Boxer Briefs in 3 Pack

People say David Archy is really similar to Separatec.


Very soft. Comfortable. Pick these over Separatec brand.

I bought these for my 16 y.o. son. He loves them. They are his favorite. He lost a little bit of size in his waist and now they are a little big. I'm ordering smalls. He is right at 5'10" - maybe a hair under - and 175 lbs. His waist dropped from 31.25 or so to 30.5. The bulk went to his shoulders and chest. He is a wrestler and spends hours a day in the gym. I'm not sure if there is a sizing chart but if you are below 31" waist, you want smalls unless your legs are very large compared to your waist. He does have large thighs, too. They are very soft. They would meet the criteria for my clothes. He and I are pickier than my daughter and husband for clothes needing to be soft. They are thin, which I view as a plus, but that means they won't last for as many washings. I got him these and some Separatec ones at the same time. Those are a very similar material but the extra punch in those is superfluous. If you are choosing between those and these, choose these.