Reviews for Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Powder with Vitamin C

People say Natures Bounty is really similar to Shakeology.


Shakeology Replacement for Women & Men

I purchased this shake to replace my expensive Shakeology. While I love Shakeology I simply couldn't afford the monthly cost associated with the product. I have found this to be an amazing replacement. It tastes great! I mix mine with about 1 cup of ice and 1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk. I have both the Vanilla and Chocolate I prefer the chocolate by itself and the vanilla is wonderful either by itself or with spinach and fruits! My husband has also been using this product with me and we both find it keeps us full for up to 3 hours after consuming.


but it is a pretty close alternative for a fraction of the price

I started buying this to replace Shakeology. I needed something more affordable. This may not have everything Shakeology has in it, but it is a pretty close alternative for a fraction of the price. It actually tastes very good too, much better than some of the other competitors. I also noticed my nails have started growing very long and strong without breaking, I swear it is from drinking this daily. If you found this review helpful, please click yes :)


Love this great alternative to Shakeology!

I was so happy to find this alternative to Shakeology. Thanks for making such a great product and offering it at a price that is doable for regular people making regular money. This product has giving me the will to keep pushing. Down 20 pounds in four weeks using this as a meal supplement, 21 day fix, drinking lots of water and low carb/ clean diet! I mix it with unsweetened 8 oz Almond Milk and it is delicious!



I am a discount coach with beach body so I have been hooked on shakeology, but the price is insane even with the discount. I tried Vega one in hopes it would be a cheaper alternative but the taste was awful and I couldn't handle it, i ordered this as my last attempt before going back to paying $100 a month with shakeology and I'm INCREDIBLY happy I did. I love this stuff! I blend it with cashew milk, ice, a banana, and some powdered peanut butter and it's seriously amazing. Never going back!


Oh my goodness, you guys!

I'm obsessed with this protein powder. It tastes like dessert. In fact, I almost feel guilty drinking a shake for breakfast, but then again, I don't because it's protein, and I need it for post-workout. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I can't wait to try the vanilla flavor. I put the chocolate powder in some vanilla greek yogurt, put it in the freezer for half an hour, took it out, and it was just like having a fudge pop. Seriously, so good. I was looking for a sub for shakeology. According to reviews, this was it. Love it!


Alternative to Shakeology--Curbs Appetite 4-5 hours

First of all, Shakeology is expensive as heck! I was looking for a cheaper alternative and this is by far the best protein shake alternative I've ever had. No side effects, and it did take some getting used to. Now, since seriously overweight, my doctor recommended me to do protein shakes for breakfast/lunch, three snacks, and a portion controlled dinner. This protein shake only offers 15g of protein, and my doctor recommends that I have at least 60g of protein per day. So what I do is double up. I drink two shakes in the morning, two at lunch, and then dinner! When I first started using, I was STARVING. 15g is not going to curb appetite at all! So once I started doubling up, that is when I actually when I saw results. By lunch, I had to force myself to drink the shakes because I was not hungry at all! Amazon actually accidentally sent me Vanilla when I ordered chocolate, so I can't tell you on the taste. They sell the chocolate flavor at my local Walgreens, so I may just stop there and pick up. I already have another on the way to me and this is so affordable, I'm going to go ahead and stockpile. I mixed with 2% milk and a banana every time. It is so tasty. Next round I'm going to add some ice, as this shake is super tasty when ice cold. Weightloss: Because this shake actually curbs my appetite so well, I'm losing 2-4 pounds per week, which I think is great! Some weeks I lose 8 or more pounds, but my loss varies depending on my diet and portion control at dinner. On week... Read More


Amazing price, flavor, and quick results-- if combined with workouts and a healthy diet!

This is my new bae! I got this as a Shakeology and breakfast alternative to keep me full before lunch. I am 16 weeks postpartum, and desperately trying to lose 18 lbs. I'll have to wait and see since I literally just got it. It tastes nasty with water though, so definitely try it with almond milk! I only use a scoop with 8 oz of almond milk. -Update- (3 weeks later) My skin, hair, and digestive system are happy! I'm glowing with this product, plus I have no cravings for all the junk I used to eat! Lost 2 lbs already! ~Second update ~ Okay, you need to get this shake! I've lost 12 lbs!! Only 6 more to go! Keep in mind it's not the shake alone. I'm also doing Paleo, and therefore stopped eating carbs, sweets, sugary drinks, frozen meals, dairy, etc; and replaced them with lean meats, veggies, and low-calorie foods.


I stopped due to the feeling like it was just way too overpriced

I used to be a beachbody coach and sell shakeology and what not. I stopped due to the feeling like it was just way too overpriced. Enter this. It's easy on my gut. I haven't noticed any difference in this and shakeo. AND it tastes great. Love it for a post work out meal for a decent price.


Affordable option that is worth a try

Shakeology was too expensive and I didn't like the taste. I've always liked the Slimfast Chocolate Royale Mix taste, but has too much sugar and a few other ingredients I wasn't fond of. I have tried many protein powders and didn't like I ran across this on here and the reviews and nutrition info was impressive so I ordered it at a nice price. I mixed it with 8 oz of Fairlife Skim Milk and some ice. I really like the taste, it's a dark chocolate flavor to me and with the Fairlife milk, I almost doubled the protein so it's a win for me! I plan to try it with some PB2 powder to make a Reese's flavor shake. I do wish it was a larger container so there was more servings, but I got it at a great price so I can definitely buy multiple containers and not spend more than I would most protein powders.


I have heard this is a good dupe for Shakeology

I purchased this since I am now going to the gym and need protein boost to help aid in toning. Also, I am hoping to drop a few pounds so I plan to use as a meal replacement (likely breakfast) and I may also use as a post workout shake for some gym days as needed. I have only used this for a few days now so I cannot yet comment on it's assistance in my weight loss. However, I can provide information on toleration and taste. I purchased on Amazon for about $15 which is a decent price for the ingredients. I have heard this is a good dupe for Shakeology. It really has an impressive vitamin content in the mix which is great because I am also working to grow my hair out so Im really hoping this will be an great addition to my current vitamin regimen which now consists of a basic multi-vitamin and an iron pill that is advised by my doctor. How I mix: So far I have been mixing 2 scoops of the Chocolate protein mix with water to keep down calories but will soon try with Almond milk. I use 2 scoops of protein, a half banana, a tbsp of PB2 and tsp of virgin coconut oil, a few cubes and sometimes a tsp of cocoa powder and voila! It's a decent tasting shake. It can be a bit chalky but I'm sure that will be better once I try it with almond milk.So far it actually seems to be aiding my digestion and I haven't experience any negative affects to it which is a surprise because I experienced some issues with GNC proteins I've used in the past. I think this is a pretty good protein shake for ... Read More