Reviews for Chef Knife PAUDIN N1 8 inch Kitchen Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Knife, Professional Meat Knife with Ergonomic Handle and Gift Box for Family & Restaurant

People say Paudin is really similar to Shun.


Great value

This knife is comparable to my Shun knife but more affordable! I can’t speak to the durability just yet, but I have been using it daily!! Love it so far.


Incredible value

Could not believe the quality of this product. Usually, I buy Shun knives for 100’s of dollars. I gave this product a shot and was pleasantly surprised. The handle was beautifully crafted and the edge was amazing. I am buying more of this brand.


Sharp and beautiful

This is the best knife. Like it as well as my Shun knives and so much less. Cuts like a dream


Well crafted, good balance, beautiful appearance

The Paudin chef knife was exactly as described - an excellent alternative to much higher priced Japanese blades that are often more brittle and harder to maintain. I have several Shun knives that, while terrific tools, are harder to maintain and subject to chipping. So far, my new Paudin is outperforming these knives. Terrific value.


Light, comfortable and unbelievably sharp!

I like this better than my way more expensive Shun chef's knife.


Definitely worth the money - Don't expect more than you paid

I purchased this knife on sale and so far I'm not unhappy with it. I have a decent collection of chef's knives ranging from low end throw away to high end collectables. I did a comparison of this knife to a range of some of my other mid-range to higher quality knives in dimension, feel, size and balance as well as edge quality and sharpness and it rates right around where I expected which is about mid-range to just below. When I received this knife, out of the box I did a full inspection and cut test to see how sharp it was out of the box (I always do). The factory edge left me a bit underwhelmed as I found it would not push cut at all and the slice cutting was rough at best. I used it to chop some onions the first night and I noticed it struggled a little to cleanly cut (dicing onion). Inspecting the blade, I saw a strange grind artifact near the tip (see pics) where it looks like the grind on the tip wasn't done well. I also noticed the tip is not sharp. After the first use, I sharpened it a bit more on my Shapton Glass stones and leather strops. I was able to improve the sharpness from what I considered a 7.3 (scale of 1-10) to about a 7.8-7.9 (admittedly I didn't spend a lot of time sharpening). The steel is easy to sharpen, I was able to develop a burr quickly on my stones and it polished nicely on a 4000 grit stone and strop. The edge is nowhere near razor sharp, but I could probably spend more time developing a sharper edge and finishing on a higher grit stone. I wa... Read More