Reviews for DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - 7 inch - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel 67 Layers - Vacuum Treated - Sheath Included

People say Dalstrong is really similar to Shun.


so good. I am a former culinary school graduate that ...

So far, so good. I am a former culinary school graduate that is not currently working in the business. But I am an enthusiast home cook and I spend much of my time prepping produce while trying to reduce my weight. I heard of this brand from Burrificiation on YouTube and I'd heard concerns on Reddit about the longevity of this line of knives (very hard hardness, hollow grind, narrow angle) but even people that questioned Dalstrong seemed to like the customer service. And the 4 month return policy convinced me to give it a try. And so far I'm happy I tried out a few Nakiri knives at Sur La Table and a local knife store (Phoenix Knife House in Phoenix, AZ). I wanted a nakiri since most of my food prep is vegetables (tomato, onion, mushroom, chilis, etc). I will say that this is the... beefiest of the nakiris I tested. It is heavier and a taller blade. Other reviews say it feels more like a Chinese cleaver and I'd say it does feel bigger than many Japanese style nakiris. But I have fairly big hands. And my only "nice" knife that I owned for years was a 7" Santuko from Miyabi. I was used to heavier knives and I'm not spending hours working on the line so I don't have to worry about fatigue. And the fit of this knife fits my hand perfectly. My wife has smaller hands and absolutely hates the feel of it. She prefers her 5.5" Shun Santuko. But for me this feels great and it looks great. Time will tell how it holds up but after a week or 2 of heavy use (at least for a home cook) it s... Read More


If you need one knife, this is your knife.

I looked up the Amazon review guide to see if I was allowed to use profanity, which I only use in the event I really love something. It turns out, I can't so I am going to need to write something more eloquent to describe this knife. I am not going to reinvent the wheel beyond this next sentence of two. All of the statements about the packaging's exceptional quality are, if anything, an understatement. Furthermore, the knife is like nothing I have ever used. I've used Wusthof, Shun, and Henkels and they have nothing on this knife. It was totally an excess purchase for me, but now I am so happy I did. Food doesn't stick and I just made a whole pile of extremely finely julienned bell peppers (squishy, I might add) with almost no force applied. Buy this knife and you'll want to shout at your old chef's knife. Honestly, this knife has made me extremely angry at my 8" Wusthof knife for not holding its edge better and feeling like a club compared to the Dalstrong's scalpel. I'm not sure I'd use this in situations with really big bones over your standard European chef's knife, but, then again, I'm not sure I'll use my Wusthof chef's knife for any other purpose than large cuts of meat in my lifetime.


So far, so good!

I have been looking for a replacement for an older knife set. I have purchased and use other brands, i.e. Shun and J.A. Henkel. I decided to purchase the Dalstrong Santoku for replacement of my old santoku. I decided go with the Dalstrong Shogun series, when I opened the package I was surprised by the quality of the packaging alone. The knife came in a sturdy box and the blade itself was in a nice protective sheath that is reusable. My other knives came with piece of cardboard. The manual for care, use and how to sharpen the knife is an added bonus. Aesthetically the knife is just as pictured, the damascus layering is as great and is one of the reason why I chose the Shogun series. I have used the knife several times since purchase, first of all the knife is sharp, it has cut through everything with ease. The handle is comfortable and ambidextrous, My Shun is for right handed use. So far the knife has been great and have had no issues. I will give updates after further use and comparison to other makes.


Cuts like a Laser

I just purchased this knife and received it several days ago. I have spent thousands of hours in the kitchen doing what I love and have also had a restaurant and have done catering as well. The most important kitchen tool is a good knife. I've used the high-end Wusthof, High-End Henckels, Shun and now, my first (and not my last) Dalstrong knife. Its weight, balance and incredible sharpness is second to none. I needed to chop an onion the other evening, and it was like using a laser. The knife just sliced through it like it was butter. It takes a lot to impress me with kitchen knives, and I am very impressed with this. Exceptional quality, beautifully balanced, laser sharp - and the knife itself is a work of art. You cannot beat the price for a knife of this quality. I will be interested to see how it holds its edge over time. If you want an amazing Santoku knife, try this knife from Dahlstrong. I am blown away by it.


Excellent Sandoku

This was featured on the Serious Eats website and piqued my interest. Given the price and product reviews on Amazon, seemed a reasonable risk. I'm not disappointed. Given that the fit and feel of a knife is a very individual experience, this knife fits me well. The balance is spot on, the edge is sharp out of the box, and it has become my go to knife. There are two things I would change. 1) the back corner of the edge where you grip is very sharp. I've nicked my hand while cleaning it. 2) the high polish of the blade is a bit garish for my tastes. Neither of these a deal breakers. I have Shun, Hencklel, Forshner, and Wusthof knives in my collection so I have some experience with other brands. This Dalstrong is a great knife.


Was a great decision. Much better then anything you can get ...

Bought this as part of my upgrading of my knives. Was a great decision. Much better then anything you can get out of a set. This is a high quality knife better then any of the other high end brands like Shun and was much cheaper. It was the sharpest knife I have ever used. Extremely worth while for a experienced high quality chef. I would recommend this knife to anyone looking to make cooking easy with a quality knife for a fair price. Plus if you have a problem they will fix it. The customer service is beyond amazing. Could not recommend more


Great Knife

Please note: I DID NOT receive a discount for this review. This is by far the best knife I have ever used. I have used Henckels Professional "S", Wustof and Shun, this knife out performs them all. The Damascus steal blade with the Asian angled edge slices through onion, pepper (skin side up), tomatoes and meat as if they were all the same materiel. I cannot recommend this knife enough. It is an excellent addition to any kitchen. I was a bit surprised when I found out this was made in China, and not Germany or Japan, but I defy you to find a better quality knife.


Wonderful Santoku

I been wanting a santoku for a very long time and been doing much research. I considered Shun and Yoshihiro because I own a couple knives from Yoshihiro. Decided on the Dalstrong and it met and exceeded my expectation. The knife came in a nice box and enclosed Ina sheath. Out of the box it is sharp, similar to my Yoshihiro. I performed the newspaper cut and it sliced through it with ease! The knife is properly weighted to assist in slicing and cutting. Overall, I am satisfied with the knife and would recommend it!


Every food prep could use a Santoku knife.

Nicely crafted, well balanced, great styling, and cuts like a knife. If I did not already have wustoff and shun knives I would get the shogun series Dalstrong knives in a set but what I lacked in my tool block was a smaller santoku. This is a very nice knife and I am very satisfied with this purchase. The santoku was delivered sharp but I used water stones to polish the edge and in short time had the blade razor sharp.


Nice design, the edge needs work

This is a modal window. No compatible source was found for this media.  It looks nice and is comfortable to hold, but it's not that sharp out of the box. I was looking to upgrade my knives to something nicer. I have a World Market 7" Santoku. I don't know what type of metal it is, or how it was made, but it's pretty sharp. I was torn between Wusthof and an Asian knife manufacturer for my Santoku. I probably should have gone for the Wusthof. Out of the box, the blade is sharpened pretty dully. When cutting apples, there's a noticeable resistance. If you fast forward to the middlish end of the video, you can hear the difference. Ergonomically, I love the sloped bolster. The knife is a pleasure to hold, and it feels like an extension to the arm. It's light weight. The handle material I'm mixed on. I like the shape and how it feels to hold, but the handle smudges easily, and I worry about how it will handle with moist hands. I'm not sure how to tell if it's true damascus, or how to determine the quality of the metal. I tend to favor German style knives, so this is even more out of my comfort zone. For the same price, you can get a Wusthof. For a little more, you could get a Shun. I didn't like the feel of the Shun, and like I said earlier, I was hoping to see the hype of asian style knives. **Update:** I went and got the knife sharpened. It now basically cuts through fruits and vegetables with no effort. I think the divots are finished a little too rough, which helps out ... Read More