Reviews for New Star 1029017 Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Mat, Extra Large with Measurements, 16x26'', NSF International Certified

People say New Star Foodservice is really similar to Silpat.


Just add good as my silpats

I bought these to use when rolling out dough that requires a larger area. I also use them to protect the parts of my stovetop from greasy splatter. I throw them in the dishwasher, and they are good as new.


No "Made in France" but half the price and just as nice

I have used Silpat mats. These are just as good; they just don't say "Made in France." I can live with that since these are approximately half the price and just as nice. I got the commercial size as they just fit into my Blue Star 30 inch oven. I use them for making granola and for baking oatmeal cookies. I ruined the pair I had earlier by leaving them in the oven while I was cooking something else on a higher rack. Still usable but ugly and a reminder of my carelessness. Learned my lesson and will be more careful with this new pair of mats. They're great, a must have.


Great value...Great product!

At first, I was looking for a Silpat...then when I saw the price I decided to look for a similar-type product for an odd size cookie sheet that I own (Wilton Jumbo Aluminum Cookie Sheet 14"x20" - edgeless cookie sheet). All of the sizes I was finding were way too was too big. Finally, I found this silicone baking mat in the EXACT same size as the pan!!! It worked like a charm! I used it for baking Christmas cookies with my best friend and she really liked how well the baking liner worked too! Now, I know what to get her for her birthday in February...this Silicone Baking Mat and a Wilton 14"x20" cookie sheet!


Silpat quality without the Silpat price

Silpat quality without the Silpat price. If you care about labels and brand names then get a silpat.....if you want a great quality silicone mat for your baking sheets and dont want to pay triple the price then this is exactly what you want! Cleans up great and is true to size.


great product!

Either the technology has vastly improved since my 10 yr. old Silpats or these are the ones you want. They're slippery smooth and a bit thicker than other brands I've bought- they lay flat and have reinforced edges (one brand I have was a plain sheet and, with a few yrs use, the edges are ripping). I bought a cookie sheet that is also 14x20 and it uses the oven capacity well--got through the holiday baking very quickly.


Great for homemade pizza

Fits my pan and bakes my food perfectly. Feels firmer than my original Silpat, which makes it easier to clean and store. I can use it as a work surface and then slide the perforated pan right under it. Great for homemade pizza.


Why pay more?

Hi, As another has said, why pay more just to have a name printed on the edge? I bought one of these and an official silpat. Thickness is virtually the same and this one has chamfered corners so it fits in my full size sheet pan (with rounded corners) better. So save some money and be happy cooking frugally!


Wonderful Item - Just like the Expensive Silpat!

User it daily, also love keeping one on my counter. I have ordered 2 of these already. They are wonderful!


a nice alternative to Silpat

If you have ever used one of these, you know how they work! a nice alternative to Silpat, and more size options.


Works for exactly what I need, but edges are ...

Works for exactly what I need, but edges are already beginning to peel...I've never had a silpat do that. This one is definitely not oven safe.