Reviews for Sleep Headphones Wireless, Perytong Bluetooth Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Perfect for Sleeping,Workout,Jogging,Yoga,Insomnia, Air Travel, Meditation

People say Perytong is really similar to Sleepphones.


Exceeded my expectations, especially given the price!!

I got these to replace SleepPhones with a cord that I've had for years. After getting out of bed and having that cord bring my iPhone crashing to the floor yet again, I decided it was time to get a bluetooth version (not to mention the waking up with the cord wrapped around your neck...). Didn't have the $$ for more expensive ones so I decided to try these. They are super comfortable, the sound is better than I expected given the price, easy to pair, buttons are easy to find and use, and it's easy to get the speakers to sit right where they need to be for optimal sound and comfort. I'm actually looking forward to cooler weather so I can try them while walking my dogs.


Better than expected!!

Super soft and fits my head really good! I’ve used other sleepphones in the past and this is super great! I love the material and the dark look. Sounds really good, too!!


Not perfect, but one of the better headband-type sleep headphones I've tried

They seem cheap on arrival. They are super ugly (the control pad is a big chunk in the middle of your forehead which might be uncomfortable for some). But, even with my husband's snoring that has knocked stuff off the walls, it takes the edge off enough so that most nights I can get to and stay asleep with minimal interruptions (if they slide and the noise starts creeping in). I had Bose noise cancelling buds that were lemons from the start, I have a set of SleepPhones that aren't quite as good as these (they stretch out so that I need to put some stitches in it to tighten up or use some safety pins to keep it in place). If you are as desperate as I was/am - these are cheap enough to give them a chance.