Reviews for Kitsch 100% Satin Pillowcase with Zipper, Softer Than Silk Pillowcase for Hair & Skin, Cooling Pillow case, Satin Pillow Case Cover, Vegan Silk Satin Pillowcase Standard Size Queen (Leopard)

People say Kitsch is really similar to Slip.


Comparable to Slip silk case for fraction of the cost

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this pillow case for a fraction of the cost of the Slip pillow case. The hidden zipper closure is an added bonus, keeping my pillow from sliding out. Also, the neutral colored leopard print adds just enough character to my bedding without looking out of place. Would definitely recommend.


Will never buy another brand again.

I’ve bought many silk/satin pillowcases and they always frustrate me, but not this one! This doesn’t slip off your pillow halfway through the night and doesn’t twist around your pillow so you have to line up the seems with the sides every morning. Very comfortable and soft.


Best Pillow Case Ever!!

These pillow cases are so soft! I love that there is a zipper so our pillows are constant slipping out of the pillow cases! And the leopard print is probably my favorite feature! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Would definitely purchase again!


Love it!

This was a good pillow case, but it sure does slip off the bed easily. I felt like I had to hang onto it! lol


Quality & Style

Perfect silk pillow case. The leopard print is really cute. It has a nice zipper on the side to keep your pillow from slipping out of the case.


Worth it!!!

Beautiful! Bought for my daughter for Christmas. I have the slip version and I fell that this style is just as nice if not better. Love the zipper feature. Color on point! Best price around.


Great for hair and skin

I love this pillow it slips on very easy and you cant see a zipper!! It has done wonders on my hair! 10/10 reccomend


Everything you need to know about this pillow case

I do think it’s important to note that Kitsch has some pillow cases that are satin & others that are pure silk. Be aware of that because that does make a significant difference —to me at least—in warmth, quality, wrinkles & hair frizz. I do not like satin pillow cases because they make me hot even in winter & are not nearly as breathable. They are also more slippery not in a good way & add static electricity to my hair, not a good look. This satin one though is super soft, has decreased hair frizz & face wrinkles. Plus it’s just really cute. I have washed & used this many times & it has no signs of wear or tear. I do think it’s important to note that it is thinner than a Slip silk pillow case & you do need to be gentle taking the case off of your pillow if it’s thicker/wider. It’s also a little longer than a standard pillow case which I do feel is helpful with more voluminous pillows. Do I expect it to last for 5-10 yrs. no but for the price I don’t expect it to. It has exceeded my expectations though & plan to purchase another one! You really can’t beat the price & you actually get a really good quality silk pillow case that’s cute. What more could you want?!


Not bad

I was hoping this would help with my dramatic bed head, but to no avail. I do notice less frizz and my stylist says it will help with breakage. It’s quite see through so if you have patterned pillows you WILL be able to see the pattern. I honestly think I’ll upgrade to SLIP eventually but this isn’t bad for the price.