Reviews for Bestisan Soundbar, TV Sound bar with Bluetooth 5.0,Optical USB AUX RCA Connection, 28 Inch,3 EQs, 110dB Surround Sound Bar Home Theater Audio Soundbar System for TV

People say Byl is really similar to Sonos.


Samsung Smart TV remote setup

It turns out that by default the Samsung smart-tv remote only outputs an IR signal on the on/off button. No other button on the remote sends an IR signal which can be seen by the BYL soundbar. I guess the Samsung remote is primarily an RF or bluetooth device. I got the BYL to recognize the power button on the samung remoter, but it would not respond to any other button. But never fear... there is a way around this problem. The Samsung remote will output IR signals when the volume buttons are pressed, you just have to convine it that it needs to do so. On the TV, go to sources and choose 'Universal Remote'. Choose 'new device'. Choose 'home theatre systems'. Search for "sonos", and choose it. (Also; since I connected by the optical cable, I setup the TV to output on the optical.) Choose 'Optical' output. It does a power on test, just do it and answer yes regardless. The remote will now output IR signals on the volume/mute controls. Proceed to teach your BYL soundbar these IR signals (see the BYL manual). SUCCESS !!!


By this one.

I bought a very expensive Sonos sound bar and wasn't very happy with it for the money and Sonos have these weird software changes. This sound bar is a very good basic system. It sounded a little bit boomie to me. So I set it on the floor on carpeting and it sounds great and looks good. This is definitely the way to go and when you consider it costs 1/6 of the Sonos it really sounds and looks good.


Great Value! Might buy a 2nd one.

Very impressive sound quality. Better sound than sonos beam in side by side comparison. It doesn’t have the all the extra tech when compared to sonos but its also 1/4 the price. Very good value!