Reviews for Eastland Women's Sunrise Boat Shoe

People say Eastland is really similar to Sperry.


You Won't Regret This Purchase

When I was in high school, I would always see my fellow classmates wearing Sperry's, but who can afford those? So, I finally came across these and debated buying them for a while. Eventually, I did and was so happy I bought them. Even my mother tried them on and fell in love! I did buy the ones that were wide, just for comfort, and I regret nothing. These make my feet so happy to get a break from my other shoes that I wear daily, especially with the extra padding in the bottom for your arches and heels. This was a great purchase, and a great company to buy from for a fraction of the cost! Will recommend!


Skeptical at first, now I'm hooked!

I LOVE these shoes! Super comfy. I ordered the 9W because I have really wide feet. After trying on a countless amount of Sperry's I was kind of worried to order these. Although these aren't Sperry's, they are the same kind of shoe. As I said, I have a super wide foot so I was worried they would be super tight and not fit. But after reading reviews they were kind of loose to begin with, I took a chance and ordered these. Soooo not disappointed! So much more comfortable then any Sperry's I have tried on, looks great and the cushion inside the shoe is amazing. They are so comfy. After my knee surgery, some shoes hurt my knee to walk in after a little bit. These are been perfect. I buy a lot of shoes because I love shoes and I am officially hooked on these!


Quality of leather and fit

I am pleasedwith the quality of the leather and fit...and the price is much better the the comparable Sperry boat shoe


Great Buy

These shoes were exactly what I had hopes for. They fit perfect, and I wore all day long and didn't get blisters like I had with sperry's! I advise to buy these not only for comfort, affordablity, but the style and over all design of the shoe.


I love it

I have been a loyal Sperry shopper for years, but the front inner part of ANY pair of Sperry's has rubbed a permanent indent in my foot. 1 week into wearing my Eastland shoes and my feet have never been happier. The shoe runs a little small, but I went one size up and it fits well and is very comfortable.


Fantastic shoe that has taken a lot of abuse

They are leather and will be a little tight for the first week or so, that is normal with real leather shoes. I have worn them a lot over the past year and they are now very loose which is helped by tying the lace a little tighter. They fit true to size after a break in period of about a week. I have walked many miles in these, went on hikes, wore them a lot in the rain. Frankly I didn't take proper care of them and they took the abuse. I never conditioned them with leather conditioner like I probably should have. I am replacing them because the lining inside is wearing out which is normal in my experience. Shoes I wear a lot to wear out after about a year.


Better than the ones they copied

More comfortable than their Sperry counterpart and a bit cuter! Nicely padded interior with great arch support and cute canvas and leather exterior. I can wear these all day, very nice shoe.