Reviews for McCafe Premium Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods, Premium Roast, 84 Count

People say Mccafe is really similar to Starbucks.


Marvelous McCafe

I love McCafe coffee. The taste is one of the best out there if you like a medium roast. Not bitter. This is the third carton I’ve ordered from Amazon. My only suggestion is that if you prefer a stronger coffee like Starbucks, it may not be for you.


Super flavor

I have always bought Starbucks French husband wanted nothing else. He was looking for that strong cup of coffee to start his day.. I bought McCafe French Roast at my grocery story on sale a few weeks ago and he thought this was so much better than the Starbucks. I got 84 for $39.95. Super Amazon deal. This is great coffee. Not the after bunt taste that you get with Starbucks French Roast. You need to give it a try for sure. I think you might switch as well.


Smells Like Starbucks

The aroma of fresh coffee. Mmm! Some coffees have a very strong, nutty aroma and taste. If that's your preference, then this is not for you. This medium roasted coffee is perfect for people who don't enjoy the dark, slightly over roasted, smell and taste. However, I do get in the mood for a stronger blend once in awhile.



I love this McCafe coffee. It just has a good rich coffee flavor. My other favorites are Peets Cafe Domingo and Starbucks Pike Roast. McCafe doesn't taste like these, but the taste is definitely one that's in my wheelhouse!


Who knew?? A++++ Coffee!!

Came across these kcups at CVS and absolutely loved the taste!! Bought on Amazon for a great price. Tastes like roasted- like Starbucks married Dunkin in one kcup. Love love love


My constant. Best coffee ever!

I used to buy Starbucks Veranda, Original Donut Shop , and a few others. This is my favorite. It is the best-tasting coffee on the market in my opinion. Smooth, strong enough, consistent flavor. It's all I buy now. The price Amazon sells it for varies but has always been much better than other vendors.


My favorite!

I don’t know why, but this is my favorite coffee. I have tried dozens of others, but always come back to McCafe. The taste is consistently smooth, med-bold, and no bitterness. We each have a favorite in my house...husband likes dark, bold, bitter so Starbucks French is his go-to. The kids (adult) have their favorite which is Dunkin Donuts.


McCafe Coffed is better IMHO than all brands

McDonald coffee is fantastic and I love it much better than anything Starbucks or Dunkun Donuts has. I am a long-term coffee connoisseur. Price is also great. The Amazon price is much cheaper than Wal-Mart.


Good, smooth cup of Joe.

Our Cuisinart K-cup machine has a reusable pod that you fill with regular ground coffee. That method is cheaper and less wasteful than actual k-cups. However, if i’m in a hurry, I like to use these McD’s k-cups. Nice smooth flavor. Less bitter than Starbucks. (Although I sometimes prefer the bitter.) Recommended.


Surprisingly Good

For the purposes of calibration, we normally drink Starbucks Breakfast Blend. Yeah, yeah, I know. Haters gonna hate. But that's what we like. Full flavor with no bitterness. For further calibration, we think that Starbucks House Blend is bitter, although it does have a bold flavor. We've been looking for a less expensive alternative, however. We tried McCafe Breakfast Blend and I really liked it (no bitterness, good flavor, although it could be more bold). My husband thought it wasn't flavorful enough, however. This time we tried the McCafe Premium Roast and, as Goldilocks would say, "This one is just right." It's half the price of Starbucks, has no bitterness, and the flavor is pleasing to both of us. This morning, my husband said, "Yeah, I can drink this. This'll work." (For him, that's like doing a cartwheel.) If your taste for coffee is similar to ours you'll be well pleased by the McCafe Premium Roast.


McDonald’s! So good!

Doesn’t matter what you order at Starbucks (which IS great) but when you first get up and can’t be bothered to get dressed and out for that “first cuppa”, this is where McDonalds K-Pods come in. Deeelicious. And cheap.