Reviews for The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + Ha 30ml

People say The Ordinary is really similar to Sunday Riley.


Dupe for Good Genes

The Ordinary lactic acid treatment is a FANTASTIC dupe for Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. It does sting a little on blemishes but no visible irritation shows up. However, no idea where Amazon gets off charging $18 for this. It’s under $7 at Sephora.....Sephora, for crying out loud :)


Dupe for Sunday Riley Good Genes

This product is incredible. Within a few days of use, I have noticeably softer, clearer skin. I use a few drops nightly on my neck and chest. Even with sensitive skin, the formulation is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate me, and the addition of HA helps my skin retain moisture throughout the day. My friends have commented on the almost immediate change in my complexion. I do pair this with sunscreen as summer is now approaching.



This was a pleasant surprise because I wanted to buy the Sunday Riley version of this that is $80+ but then I read somewhere that this is the same ingredient! It works very well and my complexion is more even.


Great for dark skin

Great product but not as thick as Sunday Riley. Still gives tingling feeling. My skin is glowing and good texture.


Great dupe for Sunday Riley's Good Genes!

This stuff is overpriced on Amazon, but I was in a pinch. I use this every other night and mix it with my Curology (if you have ance/skin issues, look up this service!!!) and it gives the greatest chemical exfoliation I've had. A dupe for Sunday Riley's Good Genes. I will keep using this as long as they make it. Finally, a company that charges fair prices for their skin care products! Google and find this for $6.75 through a different website (though it's $5 shipping, so just order a couple!)


A beauty bargain that works

I used to use Sunday Riley's Lactic Acid, but it was $100 a bottle. I wanted to find something that was just as effective, but for a cheaper price. Because of how cheap this product is I was scared it wasn't going to work, but it's wonderful. It does just as good a job as the expensive brands. Be careful if you're a first time user. There is a lactic Acid treatment from this brand that is less powerful, I would use that until you know your skin can handle something stronger.


Good Genes alternative!

I used Sunday Riley Good Genes for a while and was in love with it, but the price point was a bit much. The Ordinary has been a great alternative! I notice it took a week or two of using it to start seeing results, so don't give up on it. Prices compared, this is a great product.



Before I discovered this, I used to get Sunday Riley Good Genes which I loved, but it's ten times the price. This plus the ordinary moisturizer does the exact same thing for my middle aged dulling skin and it glows when I use it and I love it.


Sunday Riley Good Genes Dupe

This stuff is incredible! Definitely my favorite product from The Ordinary. I truly believe this product rivals the results achieved with Sunday Riley's Good Genes. Although the texture differs (this is a true serum with a clear consistency, while the GG applies more like an opaque lotion), the ingredients are essentially the same and I get just as wonderful results with this product at a tiny fraction of the price! Absorbs really well - no greasy after feel - and works just fine under makeup. This gets rid of my hormonal acne and makes my skin tone even and smooth. I do feel a tingling sensation when I apply, but I actually like that; I've never had any irritation whatsoever.


I love this stuff!

I've used Good Genes Sunday Riley for quite some time but was sick of paying the high price. This is legitimately a GREAT replacement. My skin looks great!! Drop Good Genes and buy this! Highly recommend!



Love this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried a sample of the expensive Sunday Riley, and liked, but no way could I afford it. Researched and found this little gem. It has TWICE the lactic acid and works amazingly well!!! The price is crazy cheap.....I love The ordinary now. No should anyone pay for expensive skincare, when this is available. My skin is clear, pores are smaller, and my face feels and looks smooth!


Got mine in...

Got mine in the mail yesterday and used it before bed with my spot treatment and WOW. I can say this stuff is equivalent to the Sunday Riley good genes, but for a way better price. Smooths out texture, lightens scarring and overall plumps and hydrates the skin. Definitely will be repurchasing.


I originally found...

I originally found The Ordinary while on the hunt for a more affordable alternative to my beloved Sunday Riley Good Genes lactic acid treatment. Someone commented on the YouTube channel of a beauty guru I love and trust and said that The Ordinary Lactic Acid treatment worked beautifully for a fraction of the cost. I ordered this product about a month ago and have been using it nightly since it arrived. I don't know if it is quite as magical as Good Genes, but daaaayuuuuum, is it close! I use about a 1/4 dropperful at night after cleansing and a spritz of toner, before applying a few drops of The Ordinary HA 2% and a full dropperful of The Ordinary Argan, Marula or Rosehip Seed facial oils. My dry AF, sensitive, mature skin is positively glowing, and I am getting unsolicited compliments from strangers on my skin for the first time in my life. Thanks, Deciem!


Taking a break, but will buy again.

First Lactic Acid/HA that I've ever used, so I can't compare to the more $ brands like Sunday Riley. However, I liked this product. Used the bottle. Will buy again. Great bang for the buck! It exfoliates without being harsh. Great for pores & texture--what I wanted it to target. Can't say it did anything to brighten or even my skin. My skin is dry & sensitive, so I'm taking a break from it until the weather warms up. I used it every other night as a part of my nighttime routine. I put a hydrating serum on after it because on its own it was drying.