Reviews for Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion

People say The Ordinary is really similar to Sunday Riley.


I'm thinking "this can't be real"...but it is!

I have only started using this product a few days ago. I am a long time user of retinols and retinoids. I have used everything from prescription retinol, Sunday Riley Luna and A313 (avibon). Each did an okay job. Prescription was too harsh for me and created deep pores, Luna oil worked for a while and I was loyal to it but then it just didn't impress me much so I moved on to A313 which is a French woman staple and recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow. It was just OK for me after using it for a year. I kind of gave using any kind of retinol a break and I noticed my skin was becoming dull, dry and fine lines more pronounced. I was panicked. I did some research and decided to give this product a chance and for ten dollars what could I stand to lose? Well, my skin has never looked better. The texture is so even and smooth and I don't see anymore fine lines. My makeup goes on like porcelain. The best part about this stuff is that you can use it on your eye area. I am usually very skeptical of most products and rarely feel impressed with the results enough to write a review but this is the product you are missing in your routine. I have recently began to combine this with the ordinary lactic acid. I use P50 toner and the lactic acid in the AM with moisturizer and then the Granactive in the PM with moisturizer.