Reviews for Pedag Viva Outdoor (Master) Rugged, Durable Orthotic w/Semi-Rigid Arch, Met & Heel Pad, US W12/M9/EU42

People say Pedag is really similar to Superfeet.


Excellent Alternative to Superfeet for Hiking

These are excellent lower cost alternatives for hiking over Superfeet green. I have worn superfeet green for years and have always been satisfied with their product, but when I started hiking i found that they were weren't working for me and causing arch pain, so I decided to try these inserts and was really surprised how well they worked and the added benefits they had over the superfeet. The natural jute really is works to help keep your foot dry as it does suck up the moisture from your foot and you can clearly see this if you following Pedag recommendation of removing them after the end of day to dry out. I was skeptical about the benefits of the metatarsal pad and worried it might actually create new stress spots, but instead found it help stablized my foot and quickly didn't realize it was even there. The only downside I found with these insoles is they have virtually no cushioning as the Jute does compress to mold to your feet (and the red heel foam is too soft to really make any difference), so if you need the cushioning the superfeet provide, I would suggest you stick to the superfeet instead. But I won't ding the Pedag rating for this because felt/jute combination helps reduce the amount of slippage of your foot inside your hiking boot.


Perfect for running with metarsal padding

I found these after a foot dr told me to treat my soreness in balls of the feet with metarsal padding. His solution was taping a pad to existing insoles (for me super feet). The problem with that, you are left with a large lump in one or both feet and even glue pad would shift when running. I bought these to put into running shoes in place of green superfeet. These were much better for running than the pads. This insole has a smaller bump with fixed placement. Thusly it is much more comfortable for running. Size was perfect for my 102E (no trimming required). One issue with these vs superfeet, they are not nearly as durable. Then again they are half the cost and well worth it.