Reviews for SWAROVSKI Symbolic Jewelry Collection, Blue Crystals, Black Crystals, Clear Crystals

People say Swarovski is really similar to Swarovski.


Dainty, beautiful and lovely!

I’ve been on a K-drama kick lately and saw this necklace being gifted in an episode. I fell in love with the design and searched who made it. Discovered it was a Swarovski necklace set and was delighted that it could be purchased. This is a two necklace set. The necklace is very beautiful and dainty in person. The charms are smaller than I thought they would be but I actually prefer it. It doesn’t look cheap or gaudy. I love it. The only issue, if you look at the measurements, is that they are very short, especially the choker-style one, which is just a little more than 14” long. I knew these would be too tight or too small for me so I also bought necklace extenders from Amazon as well, and they fit beautifully. Look for “rose gold” extenders - that would blend best with these necklaces. I highly recommend these necklaces. They can each be worn alone or separately. I’ve added a photo but keep in mind that I’m wearing an extender on each necklace to adjust length. Sadly, my photo doesn’t capture the shine and beauty of these necklaces in person. Also, the big round crystal in the longer necklace is fixed so it can’t be moved. In my pic I have the star and moon next to that crystal but you could also move the star and moon to be together at a different point and the crystal off center to give it more visual interest. I’d deduct a star normally since I had to get extenders, but with the amount saved from buying this necklace set on Amazon vs the Swarovski site, the savings w... Read More


It's a Swarovski

Got it for my granddaughter.She Loved it.


Swarovski Stars ⭐️ n Moon 🌙

Beyond a beautiful piece‼️ It was even more stunning in person💎


The Moon is Magic for the Soul and Light for the Senses

This necklace is as beautiful as it looks. I love all things moon and stars and this necklace was made for me. It sparkles like you would expect anything from Swarovski to sparkle, but it is also very elegant. The crystals that make up the moon are blue, black and clear. Hanging from the top of the crescent moon is tear dropped shaped clear crystal that looks like a little star. I love the rose gold of the chain and setting. The black and white pearl that attach the moon to the necklace dress it up even more. My only complaint is that the moon is free moving around the chain. So depending where you latch it on your neck it can make one side off balance so you have to move the moon back to the center of your chest. This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry; I get so many compliments on it when I wear it. Cherise Everhard, April 2020


Classy, beautiful, timeless necklace

I really love this beautiful Swarovski pendant! It is much more lovely in person than the photos show. The rose gold is a warm tone that harmonizes fine with yellow gold jewelry. The pearl is a nice touch. The pendant itself is a wonderful combination of sparkly and deep blue that does feel celestial. The little sparking star near the moon is a perfect touch of whimsy. I am no spring chicken and I love this; it would be equally appropriate for a young girl as well. It's the very attractive and nicely made homage to La Luna, the moon, the eternal Feminine. Presentation is very nice -- a sturdy blue box within a blue thick paper slipcase. The necklace can be clipped onto the chain at various spots so it can be shorter or longer. Great gift!



I am wearing this pendant today and have had several compliments. Swarovski always produces the brightest crystals and this necklace is outstanding. I have a thicker neck and thought the chain might be too short for me but it fits perfectly. There is a small amount of adjust-ability in the length of the chain. Everything is high quality and would make a great gift.