Reviews for Casio Men's MQ24-7B2 Analog Watch with Black Resin Band

People say Casio is really similar to Swatch.


So cool/ unisex/ simple & modern

I was looking for a reasonable watch that fill my $35 minimum for free shipping from Amazon. First I looked at Timex, but it was still expensive andI am not so much fan of them anyway....then I found this! The price is right, the font looks awesome. It's definitely something that MUJI might make. It's almost as light and thin as Swatch, the price is waaay better. Though I am not sure how long the strap will last, I still like it. My work requires office casual, so it's perfect for the office. But if you are looking for more durability and professional look, this might not be for you.


Well made and inexpensive

This watch surprised me. I was looking for a Swatch but they are just too expensive now. This is similar to a Swatch and I like the wrist strap better.


Very light and comfortable

A darn fine watch - very light and comfortable. My previous watch (same model) lasted about 3 years before the battery died. This is commendable for such an inexpensive product. ...Update.... I have now purchased 7 of this model watch during the past 7 years. They have survived very nicely under abuse and keep darn good time. Some of the watches have lost accurate time keeping after many months of wear, but this is fine. I purchased a similar Swatch brand watch, but, tick-tick-tick. It was audibly noisy.


Back in black.

Great, good-looking watch for a microscopic price. This watch is basic, durable, plain, and classic. This about as unassuming as it gets. White face, black numbers, 3 hands. You'll find no gimmicky lights, altimeters, alternate times zones... you won't even find the date on this watch. You look down, you see the time... no more and no less. This watch is very similar to the Swatch classic series watch, but for a fraction of the cost. If you don't care about brand recognition (and if you're looking at this bare-bones watch, you probably don't,) buy this. You won't regret it. I've accidentally worn this watch in the ocean, shower, I've fallen down on it. It's still working, with only a tiny scratch on the face. After almost 2 years the battery finally died on mine. I'm happy to report that despite rumors to the contrary, you CAN replace the battery on this watch. This watch is simple, devoid of pretense, classic, and gets the job done. If this is your style, scoop one up.