Reviews for KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil 230ml

People say Kose is really similar to Tatcha.



This product works wonders for removing foundation and concealer. Any powders are basically dissolved instantly. I would say this did not work for waterproof mascara, but it works on the rest of the face beautifully. I purchased it as a dupe for the tatcha cleansing oil. It is better than that by a long shot!!! Definitely recommend and am about to purchase my second bottle.


Love this stuff

I was looking for a replacement for my very expensive Tatcha oil make up remover, and this stuff is cheap and amazing. Work it into skin and eyelashes and wipe it all away with a wet washcloth. You don't need to use very much at a time, so the bottle lasts a long time too.


Very good at removing make up. Actually cuts my cleansing time down by adding this step.

There is no scent. Removes all my make up quickly. Thought adding this step would make my skincare routine much longer but works so fast to remove makeup that my cleanser doesn’t have much to do so find that it’s actually faster. Heard this is dupe for tatcha oil cleanser, don’t know bc I have not compared but works we for me not to even bother to seek out a the more expensive one to sample.


Perfect for k beauty double cleanse

This is an awesome dupe for a tatcha product. I’m so happy I found this!



My favorite discovery of 2019. An amazing bargain dupe for Tatcha’s oil cleanser.



The ONLY two things that make this cleanser different are the feel and thickness. Tatcha definitely feels more luxurious, maybe because it is thicker. But they do the exact same thing. I LOVE THIS and the PRICE!!! You can't beat it.


Great for removing sunscreen, not so great for dry skin

I have combo skin and pretty bad acne. While searching for a cheaper dupe to Tatcha’s camellia cleansing oil, I decided to try Softymo. It was a little too good at cleaning my skin, and left it feeling a bit rubbery. I will be saving it for removing heavy sunscreen from my body though, because it works excellently on my legs, even with mineral sunscreen, which can be tough to remove.