Reviews for bliss Ex-glow-sion Super Rich Face Moisturizer for Dewy, Radiant Skin | Advanced Shea Butter Nourishes & Hydrates | 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free | 1.7 fl oz

People say Bliss is really similar to Tatcha.


Love it

I have normal/ oily skin. This moisturizer works for me. I do find it a dupe for the tatcha moisturizer I like. I haven't repurchase the tatcha but have repurchase this Bliss moisturizer. It sinks into the skin really nice gives my skin a nice glow. Wears well with makeup products I use.


A nice moisturizer but not the best that I’ve tried

I bought this moisturizer because it had been recommended as a dupe for the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. I love the tatcha cream, however it is expensive to keep up with on the regular and I thought I would give it a try. In terms of texture they are similar, however the tatcha is more silky and buttery in texture, where as the bliss almost feels like there’s a slight grain to it. The moisturizer does have a pleasant smell, but I still think I prefer the tatcha over bliss. I will say if you have sensitive skin, the fragrance in this moisturizer is probably not suitable for you. If there is a fragrance free version I would recommend. Looks good under makeup and sunscreen, and gives you that glow for a little while. Moisturizing for dry skin but I would prefer something with a little more moisturization as my skin is dry and I need to apply a couple to a few layers of this one. All in all a good product.


Tatcha dupe?

This stuff reminds me of the much more expensive Tatcha moisturizer I got a sample of! The texture is so pleasant, and it’s very moisturizing. Great for dry skin times (winter!).


Favorite evening moisturizer!

Because the consistency is thicker, I use this as an evening moisturizer before I go to bed. I love Tatcha products but can't afford the price tag, so this is an amazing dupe!


Not an exact dupe but still really nice!

I bought this because I heard it was a good dupe for the tatcha dewy skin cream. It really is a nice hydrating moisturizer for someone like me with dry skin. It doesn't give the same lingering hydration feel that the dewy skin cream provides but it's still a really close texture and it does hydrate well. For the price I would definitely buy it again and recommend it someone who is wanting to try something new.


tatcha dupe!!!

Feels like tatcha's dewy moisturizer, and even smells similar!! Great for day or night wear, although it is a rich moisturizer.


A cheaper version of Tatcha Moisturizer

I bought this moisturizer because I heard it was comparable to the Tatcha dewy moisturizer. Exactly the same formula, a lot cheaper and I love it. It is not sticky and is not thick feels very light weight when you apply it.