Reviews for Pineapple Exfoliating Powder

People say Good Molecules is really similar to Tatcha.


I will repurchase

I wasn't sure how this was gonna compare to my Tatcha rice wash, but it's really good.


Glowing skin for under $20!

So I use tatcha's rice powder and amorepacific enzyme powder but I seem to always reach for this over the more expensive options. This just has that extra something that really makes my skin glow! I use it after a cleansing oil, it foams just enough and is gentle, doesn't strip my skin. The tatcha one can make me feel a bit dry but this one never does and amorepacific has a strong scent. If you're looking for smooth, glowing, radiant skin I suggest you give this a try plus it won't put a whole in your wallet!


A dupe for Dermalogica & Tatcha's exfoliating powders

I got this in hopes that it would match the effectiveness of my Dermalogica or Tatcha exfoliating powders and it came through!! I personally have sensitive, acne prone skin so I always get a little nervous when I incorporate a new product into my routine but I've had good luck with this brand before. Highly recommend!!


love it

man good molecules products are unbeatable. this is a good dupe for the tatcha (not ingredients wise per say but texture and results wise yes). foams up well and exfoliates without being harsh. love it.


A dupe for tatcha

If you are hooked on tatcha rice powder exfoliater you can save som serious bank with this product!!! Especially if you have sensitive skin - this stuff is amazing it is creamy smooth - so it is a powder and you add water - think any type of exfoliating powder like dermalogica or tatcha but while those are going for some serious bucks here's good molecules at a good price and this bottle will last at least a year solid!!! Maybe two😳 - and there is no way for it to go bad I mean it's a dry product ..... I just love this stuff totally hooked