Reviews for [9wishes] Rice Foaming Cleanser 4.0Fl. Oz, 120ml Non-Drying Mineral Face Cleansing - Gentle Exfoliator Cleanser without Damaging Skin & Makeup Remover - Rice Bran Extract and Rice Powder Rejuvenates and Evens Skin for Healthier Complexion

People say 9 Wishes is really similar to Tatcha.



Not sure why I haven't raved about this sooner. I am finishing up my first bottle of this cleanser and will purchase another one. I use a pea sized amount once or twice a week and the bottle lasted over a year. I love how gentle yet exfoliating it is, great for removing dead skin and helping unclog pores without being overly harsh or abrasive. I also love the Tatcha rice wash cleanser and think that this is very similar, and even better when you consider the drastic difference in price. I think the only other differences are this one doesn't have Tatcha's signature scent (obviously) and the Tatcha really doesn't have any exfoliation. This is a mainstay in my routine from now on.


Love this!

I love this! I bought the Tatcha rice wash, and although I love it, this was recommended by a YouTuber; and it’s about half the cost! I get the same results, and love the fact that I get such a great deal for the money!


Beat dupe for Tatcha Rice cleanser

Just like tatcha rice cleanser but cheaper.