Reviews for Fujitsu PA03656-B005 Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500

People say Fujitsu is really similar to The Neat Company.


Works Exactly as Advertised

I absolutely love this scanner. It does exactly what I want it to do. I use Quickbooks to track my personal spending and Quickbooks gives you the option to attach a document to a transaction such as a receipt so that later on when you go "what the heck did I spend $200 on at Walmart?" you can just pull up the receipt. So I had previously been using a flatbed scanner to do this. And it would take me hours to go through them since you have to scan them one by one. With this I just stick in a whole stack of receipts and press the scan button and in under a minute they are all scanned into the computer. I personally have not tried the Neat Desk, but I was seeing mixed reviews for it and this just seemed like the superior product so I went ahead and spent the extra money for this and I believe it was absolutely worth it. I use a MacBook Pro Retina with Windows 7 installed via bootcamp. So one of my concerns when looking at the Neat Desk was that you have to specify whether you want the mac version or the windows version. This scanner on the other hand comes with software for both operating systems and works flawlessly in both. It also allows you to connect via wifi on both, which I really like. The scanner only allows you to have one computer set up to connect with it by wifi at a time (although you can connect to other machines by USB). So I figured it would see my Mac partition and my Bootcamp partition as two different computers but it does not. So I can scan wirelessly no mat... Read More


After retiring an excellent Canon duplex scanner that lasted 10 years

After retiring an excellent Canon duplex scanner that lasted 10 years, I decided to try this Fujitsu. It is an excellent scanner for the money. It is also extremely important to me that it can be used by both PC and Mac. The only thing I would say - not a negative just a fact - is that on occasion, just like any other paper handling device, paper will jam. I raise this only because other reviewers have vouched for the product as being perfect in this area. No scanner is. But, the Fujitsu's design makes it easy to retrieve the paper and reset it quickly. The truly excellent improvement over my previous scanner is in the ability to automatically sense blank pages. Gone are the days when I must manually delete every blank page; my scans are frequently mixed with single-sided and double-sided documents Older technology scanned front and back, even when the back contained no content. Now, my scans are efficient and require little to no post-scan page deletion. Finally, while I had been tempted to purchase a Neat Scanner instead, from what I had been reading, the Neat Scanner company appears to be marketing itself as a cloud service more than a scanner manufacturer. And the Neat Scanner also appears to have a higher jam failure rate. Since it is always possible to purchase cloud space and scan with the Fujitsu to a third party, corporate server "cloud," Neat is in no way unique. Finally, Fujitsu updated their proprietary software to recognize business cards and receipts - really th... Read More


Neat Desk vs. Scansnap - Office user

The Scansnap let's you scan directly to a folder without any fuss. It automatically names the file for you and sends it to the folder. This is impossible with the Neat. With the Neat you have to press scan on your computer and then it asks [re: forces] you to name the file and where you want to put it. What if all you want to do is just scan a bunch of files and not name them? Impossible with the Neat. How is the wireless? It scans to my Mac and Samsung Galaxy S5 phone flawlessly. Few things the Scansnap does better than the Neat: - Quieter - In the real world it scans faster [it scans faster wirelessly than the Neat does through USB!] - Image quality - Ideal compression of files You hear this often in reviews between the two but it's worth mentioning again: Fujitsu is a hardware company and Neat is a software company. If the Neat software is important to you, buy a Scansnap and the Neat software and you will have the best of all worlds.


Streamlines the "paperless" lifestyle!

After a lengthy search and a serious flirtation with competitive offerings from the Neat Company, I purchased the ScanSnap. Neat didn't offer the same type OCR and subsequent search capabilities present in the ScanSnap...something everyone who hears me rave about this product is sure I've gotten wrong! Scan a printed page (or hundreds of printed pages!) and it allows a search for specific words in the document saved on your drive...and you can actually find them! With a few years (okay, at least 20!) of proposals, programs, paperwork from clients, etc., hanging about my office, I really needed to get on with this "paperless" process. ScanSnap is heavy duty and unbelievably fast. It rarely jams up and also came with a special clear document holder to insert hard-to-handle pages...I've scanned everything including handwritten documents (letters and family recipes) and photographs from circa late 1800s to sheet music. Sadly, still mounds of papers to plow through...but at least a way to get it done efficiently!


Great Scansnap 1 neat 0

This thing is great, fast is not even the word for the scansnap it scans in less than a second and displays it immediately with a ton of options of where you can place the item, Don't make a mistake like I did getting the neat first. Get The Fujitsu Scansnap IX500 first. I at first bought the neat receipt desktop scanner and it was fast to scan but took forever to load 15 to 30 seconds mis-read most all info listed things with incorrect info like a particular receipt three tries gave three different companies that neat stated wawa store, Verizon, and ups none of which were correct. the scansnap IX500 is perfect


Fujitsu rules

After years of dealing with Neat, replacement scanners & their dysfunctional company I got tired of their poor quality scanner & lying to me about the program for which I paid annually. I purchased the Fujitsu which works MUCH better and gives clear images. I am only sorry I didn't buy it first. Their tech support answers in minutes, not hours like Neat premium support.