Reviews for Makeup Remover Cloth Clean Towel, Reusable Facial Cleansing Towel - Chemical Free, Remove Makeup Instantly with Just Water - Money-back Satisfaction Guaranty (1 Rosy)

People say Pleasingcare is really similar to The Original Makeup Eraser.



This works amazing! At first I was skeptical, but then I started watching reviews on the original (the makeup eraser). The original one is like $20, so I wanted to try this first. I’m glad I did this works amazing. Even removes my waterproof eyeliner.


Great dupe for the overpriced original

I was looking into an alternative for the disposable makeup wipes that I was spending money on every month, and I came across the original Makeup Eraser (MUE) and was seriously annoyed by the fact that it was basically a washcloth that cost $20 (plus shipping!). I came to Amazon and found this one which is a fantastic dupe that does the exact same thing as the original MUE without costing $20+ and I'm so happy! The washcloth itself is soft and does actually have two different sides with different textures so you can remove makeup with one and exfoliate your skin with the other. However, though the two sides are definitely different, I've found that the "exfoliating" side doesn't really do much other than give your skin a final rinse before you hang the cloth up to dry. I removed a star because, as someone who tends to wear a fair amount of makeup every day (or every other day), I've found that the cloth gets fully dirty and has to be washed pretty often, maybe at the end of every week approximately. In this way it doesn't outweight the benefit of the disposable makeup wipes because you start fresh with a new wipe every day; however, I still think the cloth is worth the hassle of washing because A) it's machine-washable/dryable and B) you're saving on waste and money. I drench the cloth in warm-to-hot water, wring it out, then use the cleansing side to remove all makeup (including rubbing off my mascara) and then use the "exfoliating" side to wipe off any remaining traces of... Read More


Almost a perfect dupe

It's *almost* as great as the original Makeup Eraser. For the cost, I'll stick to these dupes. I prefer to remove most of my makeup before washing my face. My facial cleanser can do a better job of actually cleaning my skin and not just removing my foundation, blush, etc etc. I use one of these cloths three days in a row before washing. They've never dried with a musty smell and the black color is great for minimizing mascara discoloration over the years.



Works well to remove makeup, but I do prefer the Original Makeup Eraser over this one