Reviews for PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Rings Cubic Zirconia Band | Marquise Milgrain Eternity Bands | Gold Rings for Women

People say Pavoi is really similar to Tiffany Co.


Like the real thing!

It is beautiful! It is very dainty and indistinguishable from the real thing by eye, when people look at it on you. However it is very lightweight but hey its 12 bucks you can not complain that it aint Tiffany and Co right. Im very sensitive to metals and only 14k and up gold and real 925 silver do not change color on me....and so far, a few days wearing it non stop 24/7 sleep shower doing dishes nothing has budged. I have the rhodium silver one. You can see it next to my 14k white gold London blue topaz and diamond ring. The pics do not do it justice, it is sparkly but not in a fake way. Like I said, next to my diamond ring you couldn't tell the difference. If you want to wear it while deciding wedding bands or to replace your bands when you don't wanna bring the real thing to wherever you are going I say go for it. Pavoi and blue apple co are two of the few jewelry brands on Amazon that have not disappointed me so far, looking like the real thing and not like costume jewelry. I like dainty rings because the bigger stones look 110% fake right away. When you pick more modest settings it is not the case. At least imo. Go for it. Got nothing to loose! Added pics in different lighting, daylight, overhead kitchen bulb and direct oven range light.