Reviews for EVER BOOTS"Tank" Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole

People say Ever Boots is really similar to Timberland Pro.


Cheap, great boots

Great product for the price. This boots lasted me 6 months longer than my Georgia boots and 8 months longer than my timberland pros.


Buy these now!

These are the best boots I've owned. I'm a 25 yr auto mechanic and I've owned all the name brands. Wolverine and Timberland Pro have been the last two. I gave these a try and I'm impressed. Perfect fit and feel broken in straight out of the box. The sole grips better than any other on polished concrete floors. I added a pair of Walgreens memory foam insoles day one and I feel 10 yrs younger. Seriously. About to buy a 2nd pair to keep for the future...before price goes up! (I dyed mine black. Easy $7)


These last longer then Timberlands

I use these for almost 10-13 hrs a day everyday working at the airport ORD These have over lasted my timberlands who started tearing up in just a few months and I had the pros for work. It’s almost been a year since I bought them and I am still happy with them I have only oiled them once and changed the insoles. These work boots are pretty cool worth the price and they really last much longer than the big brands!!!!


For the money, you cant beat these boots

I have had these boots for about a month now. I wear them 5 days a week at work. I work for a bus company and often am outside in the elements. While I may not be on my hands and knees getting under the buses dragging my boots along with me, these boots seem very durable. The stitching seems to be well done when I compare them to my timberland pro work boots. The boots seem to run true to size keeping in mind they will stretch a little bit. I do wish they offered an 11.5 however. I normally wear a 12 in sneakers and I figured 11 would be to small even after they stretched so I went with the 12's. My feet do wiggle around in them a little bit but its not enough to make me upset with this purchase. So far, I would buy these again and save that extra $100 bucks from not buying timberlands to buy something else I need.


Nice fitting, comfortable boots - update

I wear size 10.5 boots. Ordered these in 10.5 and they fit perfectly. I had a pair of Timberland Pro boots that began leaking after the sole to boot connection let go. I will say the Timberlands lasted 8 years but I still never had a pair of boots where the sole just about fell off. These Ever Boots seem to be well made and were a bargain price! I'll update in 8 years! UPDATE: 2 years and these boots are holding up well. No stitching undone or any other problems. The only complaint I have now is that the tread is not good on wet surfaces, even grass. All my other work boots over the years had treads with much better grippers than the tread design on these.