Reviews for Armitron Women's Premium Crystal Accented Bracelet Watch

People say Armitron is really similar to Timex.


Gorgeous watch, BUT...

I absolutely loved the looks of this watch! Sadly, the band was huge (my wrist is 5.75" ), and I'd need six links removed. Still, I would have done that, but I got one with a bad crown stem, and date/day could not be easily set, and when I finally got them to, they did not advance (and couldn't be set over again). I so wish this would have worked out! Ended up buying a Timex, has indiglo but not nearly as pretty!


Well-designed, easy to set, and more expensive looking than I thought for the price! So far a KEEPER!

I have been looking for an affordable everyday water resistant day/date ladies watch (I hate getting batteries replaced) and usually buy a timex. Timex did not offer a day/date that I liked (in fact they primarilyonly had dates). I received it today and loved the presentation and how easy it was to set. I usually buy expansion bands for day but this has a clasp and while I could take a few links off, it still overs a comfortable fit. I have never owned this brand before so will update as to reliability. It does not have the Indiglo function, but does offer everything else I wanted. It is much more substantial than the pink face (which a friend swears by). This one is water resistant and easier to read compared to the pink face similar one. For the money and style, I am glad I bought this one. It looks much more expensive than $40 and is priced higher at Walmart (I bought mine through Amazon). It arrived in 2 days, well packaged, and with directions.


Fabulous Watch, great price

**UPDATE** I bought this watch and wrote the review below in April 2011. It is now February 2013 and the watch is still going strong. I wear it to sleep, I wear it in the shower, I wear it at the gym. It's a fantastic, classy watch. Original review: This is a great watch, I have worn Timex but Armitron is really my watch of choice. It looks very classy, yet it is casual enough for daily wear. I actually never take off this watch, I wear it to bed, in the shower, everywhere, and it works wonderfully. My last Armitron looked exactly like this one and lasted 4 years, again having worn it everywhere. It is not easy to find a nice looking women's watch with both the day of the week and date, that is lightweight and feminine looking, that is priced right. I LOVE THIS WATCH! The only caveat is that the advertised "glow in the dark" functionality on the hands of the watch do not work at all. I've tried being in the sunlight for hours (I go running with this watch) and trying to see if it glows and it doesn't. Still, 5 stars!!


I love my watch

I love my watch!!! It fits my wrist better than expected. it is a great substitute for my Timex. I couldn't locate a Timex that was similar to mine, but this Armitron is the closest I could get and I love it. The price was very reasonable too.