Reviews for Fructus virginis 1.8oz (Alexandria Fragrances) 55 ML Long Lasting , Day or Night Time

People say Alexandria Fragrances is really similar to Tom Ford.


It is better than Tom Ford's Lost Cherry

I was in search of a nice winter fragrance, so I bought a sample pack from Tom Ford. While searching for a cheaper alternative to Lost Cherry I came across Alexandria's dupe version Fructus Virginis, and I was surprised I like it even better than Tom Ford's version. When Ford's version wears down it leaves a sweet smell that isn't always the best, but Fructus Virginis simply ages better. If you are wondering if the fragrance is for you, I am a woman in my late 20s and Mediterranean coloring (brown eyes, brunette, olive skin tone). If you are fair skinned, I would not recommend this for you. It might be a little intense. Though that is just my opinion.


Perfect Cherry Scent!

Smells exactly like Tom Ford-Lost Cherry! & BETTER PERFORMANCE! This scent last for hours and I always get compliments. Unisex and will smell great on ANYONE. The Nosel is great as well!