Reviews for Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Eau De Parfume Spray for Women 3.6 Ounces

People say Armaf is really similar to Tom Ford.


Great Noir de Noir clone

A great alternative to Tom Ford Noir de Noir. This is my third bottle and will buy more. Very sexy, compliment monster and identical to the $250 original. Can’t beat it.


but I can easily see why some would consider this juice "niche quality

This is some quality juice! I purchased it based on YouTube reviews and it's claimed resemblance to Tom Ford's Noir de Noir. I've never smelled Tom Ford's offering, but I can easily see why some would consider this juice "niche quality." On my skin, projection and longevity are beastly. I go with two sprays max and I can smell the scent trail for hours! Some may consider this to be "too feminine" but it really does depend on the man who's wearing it. I, for one, am confident in my masculinity to rock this beautiful scent. It smells just like fresh cut roses dipped in chocolate. It's definitely a women pleaser. For that reason, I can only see myself wearing this on a night out... specifically on dates. I have in my collection six (6) fragrances from Armaf and have become a big fan of this house.



I love this fragrance. It has very long lasting performance & sillage. Someone will definitely smell you. On clothes it's eternal until you wash it & a compliment getter. This frag is a dupe or 95% close to Tom Ford's Noir de Noir. I haven't smelled Tom Ford Noir but this is a classy scent.💯❤



Strong sweet smelling great for winter, reminds me of Tom Fords Noir de Noir


Tom Ford Noir de Noir dupe! Perfection in a bottle

Love love



Excellent, smells like Tom Ford's, noir de noir, careful on theach trigger, very strong. Last a long time.


Tom Ford noir noir in a much much more affordable bottle

Amazing fragrance very similar to Tom Ford noir noir


Five Stars

Smells EXACTLY like Tom Ford Noir De Noir. Just doesnt perform as well...But still performs well.


Just like TF N D N Great longevity if you like ...

Just like TF N D N Great longevity if you like N D N by tom ford No one will know the diference


Club de nuit intense women

I heard this is a clone of Tom Ford Noir de Noir, never smell that so I can't say it's close or not but what I can tell is that this is a gorgeous scent, smells so exquisite. It's good for a lady in her late 20+ years to work to work in a formal setting. I can't say the time but I it last well over 7 hours, I work a 10 hour shift and when my coworker is leaving in the evenings I can smell her... A most have for the ladies for me...